Portraits- The Visual Artist

Portraits- The Visual Artist

When I actually started doing art was, I guess,
10th, 11th standard, I guess. When I had this whole inferiority thing where
i wouldn’t talk to anyone. And I changed schools and like I was studying
in SLLC and then I went to ISC. So it was like a culture shock. And I did not understand half the things they
say. So I would just sink into my art. I would sit in the back of the class and I
wouldn’t talk to anyone and I would just sit there and sketch like tiny little things. I grew up watching my mom do a lot of art. So, she would wake up finish all the work
at home and she would get right into painting. So she would finish all the work and she would
sit there she’ll start with the painting. And it will go on till like afternoon and
then she’ll come back make lunch and then go back into painting again. And then come back for dinner and paint again
and then go back to sleep. So this is like some thing I have grown up
watching. So I guess I’ve always been into art and since
moms an artist shes been encouraging me to do a lot of art. So there are like two things to this. One, that is art that I do for myself and
the art that do for a little money. Cause I need money. So the one that I do for myself, mostly is
like my diary. So I wouldn’t write. Like I’m really bad at articulating. So I would put it in colour. And you can see like a bunch of colors expressing. So those paintings would be like a part of
my life for me. Like there would a section of my life when
I would be going through some thing and I would not know like how to express it. So I would take my brush, take my colors,
I would sit there for two three hours and just paint. And I would feel so much better! There is a recurring theme to it. Most of my paintings are made when I’m feeling
sad. So they have like a style to it I guess. I guess it just developed after a point. And the other thing is when i do it as a contract. Like I would have people come in and say design
this for me. And I would be like “Okay cool”. So I would design this and you pay me this
much. That’s the regular thing that works. So those things wouldn’t really mean some
thing to me. But that would be some thing to satisfy my
client rather than satisfy myself. That is what I did in these two years. Like I did a lot of art. And I would take projects. We did like a lot of installations. We did and installation for Tedx; We did an
installation for Naraya Ridyalaia, I think their annual event. We did installations for Pebbles the pub. I started theater when I was in the ninth
grade. And along with theater, what I realised was,
its a lot of art. I would sit there design posters, I would design the
set, I would design the costumes, I would do make-up. And it was so many things. It was just like painting on canvas, except
its alive. I started a company called Baked Potato Productions. Which basically concentrates on some thing
called project B.E.S.T. So B.E.S.T. for Break Every Stereotype. So any play that we would do, would be some
thing that would break a stereotype or some thing that would make you think a little. And we choose topics that are not really chosen
for theater atleast. I’ll have my audience just walking out of
the stage like. “Okay…I don’t know what…What did? What?….Did that just happen?” And then they’ll go home and like think about
it for the next two days. And I’m like “Yes! I like concurred three days of your life. Like that’s amazing!”

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