Prime Minister’s Literary Awards 2018 Winners

Winning the Prime Minister’s Literary
Award is a really great thing. It’s you know I don’t think I’ve ever won a prize
in my life and so it’s it does suggest that you know that all the effort you
put into these books is worthwhile. There are very few awards for children’s
literature and I’m personally just absolutely thrilled that the Prime
Minister’s Department sees fit to award these prizes for children’s literature. It puts me somewhere I didn’t expect to be and it’s a nice place it’s a
beautiful book too so I think that’s partly all the little bits have stitched
together. This is a national prize and this is coming from the national capital and I kind of think well this is the thing that will just give you that
little bit of push hopefully and it’ll inspire me you know to at least go on. It’s wonderful as a writer to know that your government is prepared to throw
their weight behind what we do. And it’s not just some sort of private little
exercise. So crucial part of the awards landscape and crucial it’s great as a
writer to know these things exist.

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