Print Your Designs on more Print Areas

Print Your Designs on more Print Areas

Welcome. Today, I would like to share with you how to ready your designs for printing on multiple print areas of a product. Often printing on either the front, back, or sleeve alone will cover your merchandising desires and you can still do this as you normally would, but you can also create products with designs printed on more than one side or sleeve like say the front and the back of a shirt or hoodie. Let’s start in the design tab. We already created some products with just one design and set the design price. Let’s now upload designs as you normally would by either browsing the files on your computer or dragging and dropping files here. Now we have several designs to work with to create products. As mentioned you can click on any of these designs as you normally would to create products with one design on one print area, or by clicking here in the next step you can choose to upload more designs or add products with several print areas. You can choose up to 4 designs to place on different print areas. If you select four designs, you’ll be able to create only those products with four print areas. Selecting two designs and you’ll get products with two or more print areas. Products with one print area like a mobile phone case for instance won’t be available. But let’s select one design we just uploaded and one we’ve already created with products so it already has a design price. Now that you’ve selected your designs for the new product you can choose where to sell it. Do you want to sell it in Spreadshirt’s Marketplace, the Showroom or in your Spreadshop, or both? You’re free to choose your sales channels. It’s important to note that if you only sell in the Marketplace or in a Spreadshop this step won’t be shown. You can now edit your product by clicking on it. You can choose the size and position of the design and determine the product colors. You’ll also get the chance to move your design back and forth between print areas to switch the arrangement. But remember placing more than one design within one print area is not possible. You can then add a name description and keywords for your products with multiple print areas. A summary with an overview of the printing costs and the sum of the individual design prices will also be supplied. You can see in this example that the total design price amount for this multiple print area design is shown here. It’s obviously great to be able to put your designs left right and center but caution is an order. More print areas will incur more printing costs and additional design prices. So keep tabs on that total sales price but also remember that for Spreadshops you might want to choose setting your design price to zero since you’ll receive 20% of the product and print price automatically. This could help you keep those sales prices lower for your shop and that’s it. That is how you will create products with designs in multiple print areas. Heading back to the design tab you can see listings with dots like this are the design assets you have created with multiple designs and multiple print areas. Now you have even more control in the products you can create. Happy selling!

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