Product Spotlight: Aaron Spears Artist Series Drumsticks

Product Spotlight: Aaron Spears Artist Series Drumsticks

Oh my goodness! Guess what day it is? Sticks are in stores worldwide! LET’S GO! Guys, you HAVE to check out my new Zildjian sticks. Crazy. When it comes to sticks, I didn’t want something that diameter-wise, that filled my hands up too heavy. Like I want to be able to still maintain a certain level of speed as well as a certain level of power. Diameter-wise, it works perfect for that. The length of the stick, by being a longer stick, it actually opens up the sweet spot. Whether you’re hitting the drums, or whether you’re laying into the crash or the ride, it just magnifies the power. With the tip of the stick, we went with, like a… I don’t know. I call it like a futuristic acorn tip. It’s kind of elongated and I feel like with that, it allows for a little bit more articulation. Definitely helps to, kind of like, brighten the sound that you hear when you’re playing the kit or even on the cymbals. The last thing to make it really unique and really different was the color that we added to it. But I really wanted it to be something, um, something special, something different, so we, we went with a, like a charcoal gray, I mean it’s like a charcoal gray, black-ish, kind of. And we wanted to stick to be able to, to feel good in your hands. I still want it to feel natural. You know, they roll perfectly. They’re extremely even, man. Like, every pair that I pick up, they feel like they grew together. Which is.. it’s fantastic. I’m really proud of that too, man. I think there’s a lot to be said for a company that it takes time to make that happen, because there’s other major companies out there that I see that don’t believe in those same principles. But it’s really cool to be able to have that in these sticks. I’m extre to see my name next to the Zildjian logo here on this stick, I mean it’s amazing. I mean, when I think about, you know, just how long Zildjian has been in the business, how long they’ve been at the top of their game. I’ve been endorsed with Zildjian for like 15 years, but man I’ve been playing Zildjian my entire life, you know, ever since I could play drums, the only cymbals that I ever remember having were Zildjian. And that brand, to me, is just synonymous with top-tier quality. For me, I really excited and super happy to be able to have that same brand quality attached to this product. You know, I feel like everybody that has a hand in the process, from when the sticks are created, everybody that has a hand in it, they just take such pride in making quality products, which is just, it’s awesome. I can talk all day about this, man. You guys have, you seen me play, you know how passionate I am about music, how passionate I am about drums, about our culture. That same passion spills over into this product, into this stick. I’m overwhelmed and overjoyed to be able to partner in this way with this company, man, it’s it’s amazing. You know, I can talk all day about it, but you have to check it out yourself. When you get a minute, get to your local, whatever your local store is, and get your hands on them. Check them out. You will not be disappointed.

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