Quarantine – music video

Quarantine – music video

Quarantine Where an hour feels like a day here in quarantine First floor studio where it’s driving me crazy not to know if I’ve been exposed or if I’m contagious What’s going on globally is outrageous I watched the news I wore a mask I washed my hands All you could ask for but I am done for since I left Penn Station surrounded by contagion That’s why I’m in quarantine Running out of things to do here and it’s Day 1 Wishing I could go out and see the sun I did all my laundry I read a whole book it was three hundred pages that’s how long it took Now it’s Day 3 and I can’t sleep The time has come for counting sheep and drinking tea so at least I’ll be hydrated while all I do is waitin’ here in quarantine My produce bowl is empty and I am scared A week into this madness the threat’s still there Well thank God for Wifi and home entertainment it makes so much better self-imposed containment History is being made while I am heading toward my grave or being saved so Let’s all calm the hell down and slow the market sell-down Practice social distancing and find fun things to read and sing At least we’re all alive for now Thanks to my trusty ol’ pal quarantine

local_offerevent_note March 27, 2020

account_box Matthew Anderson


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  • Hahaha I love this Ellie! ❤️ brought a smile to my face during these difficult times. Stay safe and sane!

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