Replacing the Printhead | HP Officejet Pro 8600 e-All-in-One Printer | HP

Replacing the Printhead | HP Officejet Pro 8600 e-All-in-One Printer | HP

This video explains how to replace the printhead
in your HP printer. First, you need to remove the old cartridges
and printhead from your printer. Press the Power button to turn on the printer. For the initialization process shown in a
few minutes you will need to load paper into your printer. Align a stack of plain, white
paper by tapping it on a flat surface. Slide out the input tray. Load paper into the input tray until it stops.
Slide the paper width and length guides inward until they stop at the edge of the paper.
Do not push the guides in so tightly that they start to bend the paper. Slide in the input tray. Open the cartridge access door. To do this,
place your finger into the slot on the left side of the printer and then pull straight
out. The carriage will then move into the access area. Turn to the back of the printer. Disconnect the power cord. Unplug the printer’s power cord from the
outlet. Return to the front of the printer. Lift the latch handle on the carriage. With the cartridges still in the printhead,
grasp the printhead by its sides and lift it straight up and out of the printer. Do not remove the cartridges from the printhead.
If you remove the cartridges from the old printhead, the printhead might leak. You can
safely remove the printhead with all the cartridges inserted. You also want to avoid touching the underside
of the printhead because the ink can stain. Once the printhead and cartridges are removed
from the printer, set them aside on a piece of paper with the printhead nozzles facing
upward. In a few minutes we will address how to prepare them to return to HP. Now you can install the new printhead and
cartridges into your printer. Remove the new printhead and cartridges from
the packaging. When handling the printhead, be aware of the
electrical contacts and ink nozzles. Be careful not to touch the contacts or nozzles
because doing this can cause print quality problems and poor electrical connections.
When inserting the printhead, make sure the nozzles don’t touch or rub on any parts
of the printer. The nozzle area is very fragile and can be damaged easily. Grasp the printhead on both sides with the
electrical contacts facing the rear of the printer and then insert the printhead into
the carriage. Carefully lower the latch handle on the carriage. To avoid startup failures, it is recommended
that you use the new cartridges that came with the new printhead. Now, take the new cartridges out of the packaging. When handling the cartridges, be aware of
the electrical contacts. Be careful not to touch the contacts because
doing this can cause poor electrical connections. Make sure you install the cartridges in the
correct slots. Match the letter on the cartridge to the letter on the carriage. Be careful not to lift the latch handle on
the carriage when inserting the cartridges. Doing so could damage the print mechanism. Holding the cartridge on the top and bottom,
slide it directly into the open slot. Push the cartridge all the way in until it latches
into place. Repeat these steps for the remaining cartridges. When the new cartridges are in, close the
cartridge access door. Turn to the back. Reconnect the power cord. Plug the power cord
directly into a wall outlet. Return to the front. Press the power button to turn on the printer. The printer will then start an initialization
process which might take several minutes. After the process is complete, an alignment
page prints. If pre-paid packaging was provided with the
new printhead, follow these steps to return the failed parts to HP. If no return label and packaging was provided,
dispose of the old printhead and cartridges responsibly. Visit for more
information. Place the ink absorbing pad in the plastic
package that the new printhead came in. Place the old printhead, with the cartridges
still installed, in the plastic package with the nozzles against the absorbing pad and
then close the package. Put the plastic package
and the completed Printer Supplies Return
Information Card into the box the new parts came in. If possible, also include a print
sample showing the issue with the old printhead. Close the box and then place it inside the
pre-paid mailing envelope. Seal the envelope and then depending on what
kind of return label was provided, put the package in the mail or drop it off at a FedEx
location. The printer is now ready for regular use. You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel,

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  • Except that now it says it won't work unless I put in the setup cartridges.  I have to spend another $50 for those.  My suggestion, just buy a new printer.

  • Just spent a $102 for new HP cartridges from Staples and after installing it I immediately got a message saying "There's a problem with the printer or ink system"…I went through every diagnostic and tool box fix including uploading a Printing and Scan Doctor from HP. Neither fix worked. So now I have to buy a new Printhead for $50? I feel as stupid as those morons who spent $100 on the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. This printer is maybe 18 months old and I only use it to print friggin crossword puzzles. It's just another disposable Chinese manufactured product meant to last a year or so……Such a disappointment….

  • I'm from Argentina, how can i buy a new printhead? I called to HP Argentina and they told me that they don't sell printheads!

  • I have the pro plus and if one of the color ink runs out you are unable to to print at all. I talked to someone at HP and they told me that every time you turn the printer on it takes a few drops of each colored ink to lubricate the printheads so if one ink runs out you are unable to print at all I was wondering if anyone knows if the premium version is the same way


  • I have replaced the ink cartridges and cleaned the printhead several times but still getting lines .
    Do I need to replace the printhead ?

  • On board animation says nothing about shutting off power. Printer now says printhead missing, not connected, or not properly installed, with no way to get to the main menu.

  • My print head is stuck all the way to the right. It never gets to the access area. How do I solve this?

  • I have had this printer for 4 years. I absolutely love it. I have had no trouble with it until recently. Hoping the new part fixes the issue with the errors. Would I buy this printer again? You bet I would.

  • i just got the HP office jet pro from a Shop called Game. the printer accessories was lost by the store so they decided to sell the printer without the accessories at a discount rate. Bought the whole accessories including the original verified ink cartridges. On setting up the printer the printer showing error USE SETUP CARTRIDGES. How can this be resolved please because it cost me lots getting these accessories.

  • Is getting a new printhead a waste? Seems to cost more than the printer?? I am having issues?? Printhead error. Help

  • Getting "The printhead appears to be missing, not detected, or incorrectly installed" error immediately after printing a diagonstic sheet, printhead cleaning, and two other pages. Went to print one other thing and got this error. How can it go missing in a minute without doing anything to the printer? I have worked through the diagnostics on the website and still now good. Got $100 in new ink and no new printers use this ink. Irritated!

  • Had exactly the same problem as many others. Bought new HP original cartridges and installed them – immediately had the missing or faulty printhead message come up and can't now print!

  • This is a joke… My printer is maybe 18 months old and I have had issue after issue. The newest one being missing or failed printhead- I went to the document that hp support gives to fix the issue and followed every step- still no dice- Now they want me to buy a replacement printhead for $120…. This is ridiculous I just bought ink for this printer last week and now I am out $100 for that because I refuse to buy another HP product again. I feel they make this issues happen to buy more products. Sorry HP I will not fall in to your trap. I am going to take the $100 hit from the ink and buy a printer from a different company.

  • HP Office jet pro 8600 is displaying a massage: "One of the print heads is missing". What can be the cause?

  • Mine had a Cartridge Problem, "one or more cartridges appear to be damaged" I bought a new cartridge, I always buy the genuine ones. Installed it, same problem, no change. I cleaned the printhead, restored factory defaults, reset wifi settings, updated software. Same problem. How can I fix this?

  • I replaced the color ink on my 18 month old HP Officejet pro 8600 on installing I got "There is a problem with the printer or ink system. Turn printer off, then on. If the problem persists, contact HP". Unfortunately, there is no one to contact in HP. Not sure how this might fit into a fraud litigation, I will research it. I am disappointed in HP. I an curious as to how many people are in the same boat and how a class action suit will send the right message to HP. from reading comments here, HP may have designed this malfunction into their system, seem to be a recurring theme. I will look into what I can do to stop this nonsense and outright theft.

  • What is the part number for the replacement printhead? When I go to the Staples website, they seem to have two printheads, holding two colors each. I want the one in this video. How do I order it?

  • I have a HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 Premium and it is no longer under warranty after 9493 total pages printed. Always used HP cartridges. Today… it had an error about: print head missing, failed, incomplete. After trying all the methods to clear.. nothing with the exception of reloading the firmware which seems to be update to date on the printer. I can use the network to query it. Worse. The printer is effectively dead because you can't get out of this mode that there is an error on the display. Scanner still works, modem would still work. What is the master research everyone is talking about?

  • thier is a problem with the printer or ink system.turn printer off then on if problem persists contact hp .. what is the problem ?

  • Had 3 of these printers in a year all having different faults. This was the worst of the 3. Do not buy this printer


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