Resetting the Printing System in Mac OS X | HP Printers | HP

Resetting the Printing System in Mac OS X | HP Printers | HP

This video shows how to reset the printing
system in Mac OS X. Resetting the printing system might help resolve
issues if you receive a Printer Offline or Printer Not Responding
error message. Resetting the printing system deletes all
devices in the Printers and Scanners queue. This includes both HP and non-HP devices. First, click the Apple menu, then click System Preferences. Depending on your version of OS X, click Print
and Fax, Print and Scan, or Printers and Scanners. Right-click or hold control and click the
blank space in the Printers list, then click Reset printing system. Click Reset to confirm you want to reset the
printing system. If prompted, enter an administrator name
and password, then click OK. You can now add your printer to the print queue. You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel,

38 thoughts on “Resetting the Printing System in Mac OS X | HP Printers | HP”

  • I had just installed a new wireless router and that somehow resulted in my Mac OS X not being able to find the printer. The printer was showing up as installed, it just had a yellow light and said it couldn't find it. Following these instructions easily fixed the problem. Thx

  • It doesn't work in my case. printer detected the printer, when it print it says printing but nothing actually happened to the printer.

  • I have Also problem with same Printing system But I have best solution of these site Following these instructions easily fixed the problem.

  • Thank you! Had tried several other ‘fixes’ suggested on HP that did not resolve the issue, YOURS FIXED IT!

  • Absolute Rubbish!!!! Have tried every single possible thing and nothing! Both computer and printer on the same wifi. No customer support from HP- this printer is destined for a window from a very great height! This is the 2nd time this printer has decided to just not respond. I hate you HP for wasting a whole day!

  • Only site that had any idea as problem not run of the mill. Really showed me how to get in and make system changes. Thanks.

  • God I hate HP printers. They NEVER work consistently with a Mac. My HP is MADDENINGLY inconsistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it says it's not connected. I remove it from the Printers and Scanners, try to readd it, sometimes it only adds the scanner function. I will never buy another HP printer again. It's like rolling dice every time you want to print something. My other printer (a cheap Canon Pixma) works every time.

  • When putting in printer name and password – is that one you make up now or one used when you first put the printer in? I have no idea what the original password was.

  • Thank you! Well explained and worked instantly, phew… I must add that the scanner was working, so something was wrong with just the printer (Canon) set up. This fixed it.

  • How do you get a HP Envy 5540 and Office Jet Pro 8715 to print in color draft? Have not been able to find an answer on any help support from HP. Thanks for any help.

  • Thank you!!! I was about to bash my head into my desk. This worked for me on a mid-2012 MacBook Pro printing on an HP OfficeJet Pro 7740.

  • It worked for me. I'm on a macbook pro mid 09 OSX 10.11.6 with an Epson Expression Premium XP 830 all in one, wireless. My problems are the printers fault and this is the 3rd replacement. Now to find out why the ADF will not work from the printer or mac. And why it says communication error when my computer name is on the printer screen. It does scan from the flatbed. Pictures are beautiful, but the home and professional software is missing. Documents are beautiful and crisp too. Next to see if the fax and CD printer work. All of these printers need to be made better. There seems to be problems with all of them.

  • This helps one remove the current printer from the computer's memory. You can then add it on (reinstall) it again, and it should work. Worked for me, anyway.

  • I also followed the resetting video and then all my printers disappear but there is no way to add them. I am going to try calling HP now.

  • Bunch of clowns these HP idiots! They dont even provide proper drivers for Macs, instead they provide some useless HP Smart software, which is anything but Smart! Always problems, always! They think they're making things better, they are not!

  • Guys, just get the HP smart phone app. It took me 1 hour of looking at vids and nothing helped. The App connects the wireles printer in seconds………

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