Resetting the Printing System When Your Print Job is Stuck in the Print Queue | HP Printers | HP

Resetting the Printing System When Your Print Job is Stuck in the Print Queue | HP Printers | HP

If your print job does not print and cannot be
cancelled or deleted from the Windows print queue, reset the printing system by deleting the print job
files and restarting the printer and computer. Before proceeding, save your work on your computer. All print jobs will be lost and need to be
printed again. Power off your printer. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. From your computer, click the Windows button,
and then type Services. Select Services from the results. Scroll to Print Spooler. Right-click Print Spooler and select Stop. Open Windows Explorer from the taskbar or by
pressing the Windows key and E on your keyboard. Navigate to C:WindowsSystem32SpoolPRINTERS. Select all files inside the Printers folder
and then delete them. Shut down your computer from the Start menu
in Windows. Make sure the printer has been unplugged for
at least sixty seconds, and then plug the power cord back into a wall outlet. Power on your printer and then power on your computer. From your computer, reopen and print your document.

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  • HP needs to work with Microsoft to correct this we are in 2017 doing this process is bull time for a new printer from cannon.

  • Yep happened again, I really should count 2 days extra for my projects, printing a document is not done in a day.
    Hope one day, maybe in 10 years or something, that there exists a revolutionary printer that actually prints when I need to print something.

  • The video should have told everyone to restart the spool again you told us to stop it but you didn't say start and you need to do that for your printer to be found and everything to work, as we found after much soul searching

  • My Printers list is full with old printers name Showing (Error : Documents Waiting). Can you please help me to clean my printer list.

  • sir this video step is not working in my hp printer 2545 series

    sir my problem is that is when i print any documents from my hp printer it can't print that time and when i restart my pc it can be print so plz sir can u help me ? i am facing lot of problm that from my prnter

    so plz help me

  • Every time i give print command my printer ask for saving document in some unknown format. And don’t print the documents..

  • I have Windows 7 and a PSC 1210v All-In-One.  I have to turn off my computer and the printer, don't have to unplug in my case.  And turn them back on.  Then when I click print it will print.   How do I fix my problem?  I updated the drivers after I got this computer and the printer part worked just fine for a while but than it didn't print any longer unless I turned off the computer and printer and back on.

  • This is how I fixed my printer problem since I was so against deleting files in the Printer folder.  Click on Windows Icon in lower left corner
    Click Devices and Printers
    Right Click Properties of Device you want as default.
    Set Default Printer in my case.
    That took care of my problem and now my printer works as it should.  But I will have to set default for whatever device I want to use each time.

  • All very nice but having tp do this for evert print job is not a good advertisement for your printers. I certainly won't be getting another and won't be telling anyone how good your printers are because they aren't. you should already have a software update to solve this.

  • My grandson comes from Austin to re-set up my printer every 6 months but the fix only lasts a few days and he can come more often. What do you suggest – a different printer from a completely different manufacturing company because this has happened one time too many. I am 78, a retired accountant trying to do tax work and I am ready to destroy this printer with a shot gun..

  • After following these steps, not only could I still not print, but the computer didn't seem to even be able to find my printer. After reading through the comments, I realized I needed to restart the print spool. I've done that, and still can't print. When I give the print command, the window comes up where my print options would usually be (number of pages, color or b/w, etc), but none of the printer options are there. It only gives me the options to save the document or send it to an email. The computer no longer seems to recognize the printer. Does anyone know how to correct this? Thank you!

  • Sir when I give print first sheet is blank after again I give continue option then I get print how to sort out this problem every time it happens like this

  • Very close but not exactly. Switched phone companies.
    Need to delete "old" access information and add new so I can print frm phone. How ?? Thank you.

  • This is the most annoying component of trying to use an HP printer! And we have two and they both lock up with certain printing jobs. I suppose you can do what YouTube suggests or you can save all your work and reboot your printer. But don't try to reprint the same piece again because it will lock up. Like GenghisDong's comment below from TWO YEARS AGO I'm waiting for that day when HP will get this figured out. It clearly has something to do with spooling and if they know what causes it they darn well should know how to fix it. Common folks. This is ridiculous, frustrating, agitating (like we don't enough agitation in today's word) and a huge time grab.

  • Every time I print something it immediately gets stuck afterwards, so I have to go through this procedure every single time I want to print a single document…

  • Thankyou so very much . i was struk for am important print in offc today and found this blessing in disguise.😍

  • "And after you power on your printer and your computer, go again to Servicers, scroll again to "Print Spooler", and MAKE SURE you right-click on it and click Restart. Wait a few seconds AND THEN you can print your document"

  • 2019 and still a problem!
    Also can't delete all the *.tmp files because some are locked by printfilterpipelinesvc.exe
    After following all these steps (and the printer still doesn't work), reading the other comments and the HP bot responses, I just bought an Epson.

  • this is bullshit.
    i have to go to the library to print a simple report because of your assitry.

  • Hehe tried this. Once restarted and started up laptop & printer, I go on to Microsoft Word. Then I clicked the Print tab and it said No Printers Installed. Then I thought to myself 'Oh the tutorial wanted me to delete all info and data about any printers' but ha you really had me there, I went to my recycle bin and restored the files and went to Services and started the Printer Spooler instead of stopping it and then all my printers showed up again and everything printed like normal. So you should have added these steps in this video rather than worrying about how long your videos will be 🐱😂😂

  • I did this and now it tells me that no printer is installed – which is not sure as there are quite a few of them in Printers & Scanners section. It sounds I majorly messed up my comp now. Thanks idiot!

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