SENT (2016) – A Short Movie Project of English Literature Universitas Brawijaya

SENT (2016) – A Short Movie Project of English Literature Universitas Brawijaya

You are dissapointing How can you explain this? POS !!! POS ?!! Letter ?!!? POS !!! POS !!! Oh….. I am sorry make you wait That’s okay mam / Can I help you? Are you… Bu marfuah? / Yes ? There is a letter for you mam… But… we have to sign this first But… I can’t read and write That’s okay mam actually You had just write anything you want You just sign it Where? / Over here…. There is your letter from… Nuraini Latifah From Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Who is there mam? My daugther….. She is my daughter Son…. Would you may to help me? Come in !!! Please sit down sir / Thank you mam / Wait a second okay.. Sit down please… Ani…. She is my daughter Currently working in Riyadh as a labor Since when mam? I don’t remember my son It’s been a long time Is Ani your only daughter? Yes.. I just have one and only daughter My son.. / Yes mam? Would you please read this for me? My daughter… My daughter… My son.. Could you please write down a letter for me ? Please Yes mam Please.. Write down all of I say Please Dear my beautiful daughter, Ani It is glad to hear that you are all fine But not with me, Your Mother. Who always remember about you I can’t… I can’t spend even just one second to not worrying you Whenever I am eating, I worry, have you eaten ? Then it makes me completely under pertubation My dear, I am getting old now. I am not as strong as what I was Just believe me, what I need is not your money Money can be found everywhere, but not with you Your father have been passed away 16 years ago And no one wants to accompany me in my loneliness I hope you don’t make your mother lives under torture I miss you… Please… Comeback home my dear… I miss you… Please.. Send that letter to my daughter You don’t know how precious a child for a mother Living with them is a happiness, no matter what happen my son Please… Send my thoughts and feelings to my daughter Thank you my son.. Thank youu…. May God bless you and your mother What is the purpose of life ? it’s a question that each one of us has been asked ourself at least once For some, they might be think that their purpose is to pursue success and carrier And all matrealistic life and be happy with it On the other hand, the purpose is being happy Be happy…. Earlier today, i’m one of the first half that change my goals is being success only But then i realize…. I never live my life Never enjoy.. My life is just a postman As the time goes by… Today’s events have changed my life I realize that happiness is not something that can be measured by all those money It’s something more than that From Lina, the novel writer who never gives up on her children novel Even she has been rejected many times She told me, that a love of children is enough to keep her holding on in life From Ali, I learnt that you can’t give up no matter what obstacle life before you Remember there is someone will always support you From Ibu Marfuah, the loving mother I learnt that money is nothing Nothing compared to mother’s smile I am Postman ! Today’s events have changed my life And I realized, sending letters is not merely papers and words There is people hope, love, and pray in it

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