Set up and Register a Multi-Color Silk Screen Printing Job on Press || How To

Set up and Register a Multi-Color Silk Screen Printing Job on Press || How To

hello again welcome to the print life tutorials today I’m going to show you how to set up a four color job with an under base on a manual prints you’re going to need your film scotch tape didn’t have a fucking deep black first we’re going to align our film to the fountain this project is going to print 2.5 inches down from the collar to the top of the yard we pre draw standard measurement lines at one 2.5 3.5 and 5 inches this makes for quick and easy reference position the film so that the top of the arc touches the two-and-a-half inch line while holding the film plays the t-square under the film and slide it up until you’re close to the registration marks without bumping the t-square make the necessary adjustments to the film getting it centered and level tape the bottom edge of the film creating a hinge this is a pro tip this approach it take a strip of white paper and place it under the registration marks easier to see those marks through the screen in some cases you may have to cut excess film to be able to tape the top of the film to the pallet stake the top of the film we’re a quarter of the way done move house a wet one for maximum efficiency and accuracy do the following steps in order first zero out the bread then load and clamp the screen now level the screen to the pallet on our press I find that you need to raise the head high up and then twist the printhead stopper up or down to achieve a level screen after the screen is leveled I can set the off contact first you’re going to loosen the printhead voice then raise or lower the printhead to adjust your off contact distance you’ll see here I’m lowering the printhead then I’m touching the mesh down to the pallet and I can tell how far my off contact is just by few let’s move on to the real stuff registration before we get into this I want to start by acknowledging the fact that all presses are different for instance some of the heads on this press move up and to the left we just tighten down the macros while others will move up and to the right the point is you have to get to know each press before you can register efficiently on it understand moving on most presses have three knobs that will move the printhead all over the damn place I like to start by getting the cube you I like to start by getting the vertical line on the registration marks lined up it’s pretty tight I don’t see any white around the edges all right that one’s pretty close it may need to be moved slightly the cameras in the way so I couldn’t get it perfect but you see the idea it’s all micro movements you clamp the knobs down you see where I moves you loosen it up you move it back or down a little bit more you clamp the knobs back down you see where it moves you just keep doing that until it gets perfect we’re going to go ahead rinse and repeat with the remaining four colors there’s going to be a time lapse ok the screens are registered now we need to tape them and income all right now it’s time to print the sample make sure your pallets are good and tacky we use water-based adhesives so after each run we just wet the pallets back down scrub the lid off hit it with heat and they’re tacky this is back I’m using the strap shirt loading it all the pallet and I’m going to check my registration I print the white base flash let it cool for 30 seconds and then print the remaining colors even though we’ll probably print this job wet on wet I’m going to flash each color on the setup just to make it easier in case I have to make some adjustments and you can see that the gray I mean you can do a couple things you can do a push stroke and build that really easily or we got to move the film down make sure to leave your film taped to the pallet until your setup is complete in case you need to make adjustments to the screens this is the prime example of that another trick that we use at this shop is to take the top side of the registration marks especially on like the beginning part of the setup this way you can access your registration marks by removing the tape from the top remove the bottom strip and now we have clear access to the registration marks I’m going to put my feet back over the red marks and try it again all right I got my final t-shirt I’m a lawyer on the palette all right print the white base flash let it cool for 30 seconds and print the remaining colors the Baths printed everything’s in registration it almost went as planned except for the mistake in the artwork where we have to remove the white from the bat symbol but other than that this thing’s ready to go and I think you guys get the idea I’m going to cure this thing run it through the dryer and that’s it for the day tune in next time and I’ll show you how to separate your art files in Adobe Illustrator throw me a like share this video on your Facebook feed of course subscribe and then ding the bell so that you’re notified when I upload my next video later on print fam

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  • Super helpful! I like using the tape trick for first test, make adjustments, then use a scrap shirt or pellon. Mainly because I don't acquire many extra shirts. 🙂
    Thanks for the knowledge. Great video!!!

  • Home Run with the tutorial. You ended up answering most of my registration questions. Thanks for that awesome pro-tip. Now do I have to zero out each print-head for every single job? Thanks for the fucking time Cam! By the way, I like the fact you fucking swear. It makes you more relatable. Keep them videos coming!!

  • So does that mean you can print it no sell it ? Or was it a gift , I'm not trying to bust your balls I am just trying to get a feel o what you can and cannot print and sell.

  • This was F'n great!! hahahahaha Good Vid… I have stayed away from multicolor jobs so far. I use my airbrush for the fill colors. Anyway good stuff….. and wayyyy funnnn eeeee! Great Job!!

  • Loving the pro tips, im always looking for help with registration. so vids like this one really help out. nailed it

  • I've been screen printing for almost 2 years now and all the tutorials I've ever watched have been by old and dull people. So it's a breath of fresh air to see a young guy who's hip and creative and funny making screen printing tutorials. Thank you. You earned a new subscriber. And I can tell that you put a lot of work into editing these videos and making shirts. Thank you for your hard work. Much appreciated.

  • Hello all well?
    My name is Gilson, I'm deaf.
    I live in brazil.
    I'm here home make stamped T-shirt, Styrofoam Hamburger etc …
    I saw Youtube, you make prints Batman cool t-shirt.
    Do you own screen-printing?
    You work well. Congratulations.
    You watch watch You tube

  • How did you choose your printing press? I have handmade and stretched my screens and my bf even attempted to help me make a press…but it didn't cut it and has some malfunctions. So now I'm trying to grow my tshirt biz and need to find a good press and buy metal screens. ALSO! Thanks for your videos, I can definitely say I've learned a heck of a lot and am sharing your work with other people I know!

  • Hey cam I just recently made an awesome registration stystem for super accurate film alignment in seconds. Check it out on my channel and let me know what you think. Your videos have motivated me to finally start a youtube channel. Thanks for everything you do for the screen printing community !!!

  • I may hay said this before, but what makes your channel special is these are the real problems we all face each day. All i can say is MY MAN. Good shit. Sorry for the bad language. Awesome content. Im all in.

  • thanks for this video!!! I waste so much time cleaning my registration marks after missregistrations

  • This is a tutorial is for the primitive mind , making it like it's rocket science , set up it's so simple basic knowledge . Screen printing it's simple .

  • We are just getting into this as a hobby and have watched tons of videos and by far yours are THE BEST! Informative and fun. Thanks for taking the time to do these…

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