Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts – Territory of the Imagination Exhibit

Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts – Territory of the Imagination Exhibit

This project is called Matters of Gravity, in Spanish, La Gravedad de los Asuntos Its a project that we realized in a space mission in colaboration with cosmonaut training center in Moscow. So, we wanted to reflect about gravity, you know? like this physical force that we always feel, but from a cultural and artistic perspective, so we thought that the best way to think about gravity was to actually take it out of the equation. In a few words the starting point of this project. The group of artists involved in this project, we all have worked in an interdisciplinary, or transdisciplinary project, its not only our own work, but also in collaboration with scientists, or technologists or engineers and it can be scientists of all different professions. you are watching right behind me something which is called Museo AeroSolar which is a project, which I started more or less eight or nine years ago and happened in a collaboration or started through kind of a dialogue among different people with different backgrounds, just has given life to something thats so, you know… under the eyes of a scientist might be kind of a science experiment and the eyes of an artist might be an art piece. were really interested in the way artists can engage with space exploration. now Tomas is inspired very much by the idea of cloud cities. why do we live on the earth? why dont we live in the atmosphere? he is challenging the idea of using rockets to get into space, hes saying, well why cant we float into space with balloons? now of course thats physically impossible, but what he has the idea there is certainly some engineering possibilities with that of setting up something like the international space station in the inner atmosphere so that people are actually living on a space station in a balloon literally thats his idea. and it’ll all have to do with this intersection between art and science and looking towards the sky both to understand ourselves in mythical and poetical ways and also understand the universe that were in the middle of I think this is a space that really gives many peoples students, like my selves and people in the community the opportunity to really come see and explore different mediums of art that, you know, we normally wouldnt get to see here in this community, aside from that you get to work with other professional artists who have been in the students shoes already and as an artist you have to generate your own opportunities for developing your own work because if you dont do it no one else is going to do that for you. so dont be afraid of going out, speak to people, knock on as many doors as you can so you can do what you want to do

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