Straight Up Punjab | Mickey Singh | Artist Journey

Straight Up Punjab | Mickey Singh | Artist Journey

Ladies and gentlemen… Let’s give a big round of applause to Mickey! Make some noise! Well, I was born and raised
in Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar. My childhood was pretty much
like any kid growing up in Punjab
in the ’90s. The transition
from India to the States was tough at first. It was a complete culture shock. I felt like I didn’t fit in but the funny thing is
it was actually music that helped me find myself
in this new culture. Ten years ago, at a show
where I opened up for Jay Skilly and Ice was the DJ there. So, just throughout years,
our relationship grew our bond got stronger. All three of us,
we share a certain type of vision. Together, it’s beautiful
that we created TreeHouse V.H.T. I started listening to hip hop.
I started listening to R&B music. Started watching videos on MTV. So, thanks to music,
I was able to find myself. The way I discovered my sound
was through experimenting a lot. You know, just experimenting
with different sounds different beats, different ideas. Different vibes. You know, to this day
I continue to keep experimenting which helps me refine myself
as an artist. I listen to a lot of Punjabi music,
a lot of Punjabi pop. A lot of Bollywood music. I used to love listening
to Jazzy B and just a little bit of everything,
and then you get.. Right before I get on the stage is always to remember
to be grateful for me to perform for everybody
that came there to see me. My goal is
to always give my 100% and make sure
they have a great time. I don’t necessarily think
that I’ve made it. I think I still have a long way to go but it’s a really good feeling when I see people enjoying
and singing my songs. I just create music
because I have fun and that’s really what’s to it. Straight Up Punjab
is an amazing opportunity to take Punjabi music
to a global level and I’m very honored
to be a part of it and I’m excited, not just to perform but to watch a lot of the other artists
perform as well. I’m really excited
to be performing in India this time. You know,
India is always great energy and you know what? I’m just really, really excited
and I cannot wait.

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