Study English Literature at PhD level

The research environment at the University
is actually amazing for my project so we’ve got a lot of English doctors and professors
who are at the cutting edge of their field. There’s a real emphasis on collaboration
and working outside of your field and breaking down the boundaries between disciplines. So this is something that I think is really
key particularly in English Literature because of the growth of the studies in material cultures,
there’s an increasing need to question quite what literature involves and what literature
is. The most unique thing about my programme has
to be the opportunities here that the University offer. We organise the monthly reading group, but
we’re also in the new year organising a series of guest lectures. I was able to both speak and organise in a
postgraduate research conference. We got to both engage with the material, we
enjoyed doing what we’re passionate about, but we also got to engage with the processes
of putting together events. I think the programme has prepared me really
well actually for my future career. I had lots of chances to attend research seminars,
networks, conferences. I think that also this emphasis again on collaboration
and networking and being able to work with other people and work effectively with other
people and be able to produce something of value out of that are all key aspects of the
skills I’ve developed. I’d hope to go into academia but I do know
that I want to stay in and around the West Midlands thanks to my experience here at the
University of Birmingham. It’s a very welcoming city I think. I like the diversity and the energy of Birmingham. I like the accessibility of the city. There’s so many people doing so many interesting
things. It’s quite an inspiring and creative place. The best way to find a course that suits you
is to scour the University webpages. And really look at taking detailed account of who’s working
in the department, what research they’re doing, what the University offers within your specific

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