The Green Ember Book IV Launch

The Green Ember Book IV Launch

Exciting News Green Ember Fans! The Green Ember Book 4 is coming soon, and
here is the cover! Ooo, it’s ominous! Exciting! I can’t wait for you to read this book. As the title indicates, it’s the final book
in the main series. The official release date is April 12th. Have a look and see what that day is, but,
everyone who preorders from us will get it a month early. But, if you’re sad that it won’t be here in
time for Christmas, I’ve got a surprise for you. Once again, YES! Jo Shanks, our favorite archer rabbit is
back in a new adventure. A sequel to The Last Archer called The First
Fowler. So by Christmas, you can have a new #rabbitswithswords
adventure for your family to tide you over until the new book is out. The first chapters of Ember’s End will be in
the back of The First Fowler. The end is near. So preorder now at

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