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[MUSIC] Marbling is the centuries-old art form of
floating paint on a thickened water bath, creating designs and
unique patterns, using special tools. You dip your whisk into the paint,
and then you tap it on your hand and you sprinkle it across
the surface of the bath. And that pattern is a traditional
pattern called stone. [MUSIC] And then transferring that image
onto paper or fabric, or wood, or anything that’s porous. I fell in love with marbling,
and I fell in love with it hard. I realized as I had never been
exposed to this art form before, and I couldn’t believe it. It became my sort of passion, my mission
to bring marbling to the masses. [MUSIC] The second you put that piece of paper
down and that image is transferred, that’s it,
you are never gonna create that again. So every single time you create something
unique, intricate, one of a kind. [MUSIC] There are a lot of things that
affect the pattern or design, one of those things is the weather. So as the temperature in
the studio starts to warm up and humidity levels start to drop,
that’s gonna affect the way my pattern, or my design, or the way my paints are gonna
spread across the surface of the bath. [MUSIC] Marbling is a game of surface tension. It’s making sure that the bath is
thick enough to hold my paints up. And my paints are thin enough to
float across the surface of the bath. [MUSIC] Its influence, its reflection has
been shaped by all the people and all the countries that have nurtured and fostered this art form
over thousands of years. [MUSIC] I always encourage my students
that when we step into the studio, we are striving for
purpose, not perfection. And our job as marblers is to
simply observe and adjust. [MUSIC]>>So what did you think? Tell us in the comments. Click here to subscribe and live forever. Click here for more stuff from us. And tune in every Sunday to watch
more videos that calm the soul, bye! [MUSIC]

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