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founder of Our Given Purpose ® Hello purposeful family thank you all for tuning in.I realized that the change in time may really helps some people while
others maybe not so much but remember that even though this is a premier that
you can still go back in and watch it at your convenience so don’t forget that if
you can’t watch it right at 11:00 Eastern Standard Time it is still here
so this week we’re really thinking about how we use our voice not only when we’re
speaking but what does our body language actually say when we’re not saying
anything what are we speaking in our silence
purposeful people I want to pause and pray and invite God into this space I
encourage you to pray for others and of course I encourage you to pray for
yourself but let’s pause right now and invite God into this space and into our
minds and into our hearts Lord let your wisdom always be my desire
appealing to my overall senses the satisfaction that endures forever keep
my paths straight and guide me to your light you are my priority nothing is
more important than seeking Your wisdom allow me to live a life that reflects
your love justice and righteousness in your name I pray amen I first heard this
story a couple of years ago and it really resonated with me because it made
me think about what I’m saying how often I’m saying it and what that is
actually doing to my spirit and I would love to share this story with you right
now if you’ve heard it before let me know and drop in the comments and tell
me what effect if any this particular story had on you there was a man who decided that he
wanted to become a monk he wanted to live in a monastery and give his life
over to that particular lifestyle and while he was there he found out that he
was only permitted to speak two words once a year and at his appointed time to
speak his two words he would be granted an audience and essentially talk so at
the end of his first year he got up in front of the audience and he said bed
hard at the end of his second year he said food bad and at the end of his
third year he said I Quit! to which the audience replied that they were not
surprised by this because all he had done the entire time he had been there
was complain Matthew 13 22 says the seed falling among the thorns refers to
someone who hears the word but the worries of this life and the
deceitfulness of wealth choke the word making it unfruitful. In light of eternal
life with God all your present worries In light of eternal
life with God are your present worries justified that’s a hard thing to kind of
wrap your mind around because we are people of right now instantaneous we
want to experience either the joy the pain the sorrow whatever it is we want
it to have its way and we want it to be over with so we can experience something
next it’s always about the next level the next thing what’s coming we are
people who are always propelling forward in which we should we should want to
seek growth we should want to continue to mature not only physically
and mentally but also spiritually and these questions today which is I guess
somewhat of your homework I want you to really reflect on and think about the
things that the monk was saying each year he was only permitted two words two
and it was as if his actions weren’t already speaking what his issue was so
everybody most likely knew that the bed was hard because nine times out of ten
he was walking around hunched over rubbing at his back doing things that he
said okay he had a rough night’s sleep our actions speak for us we don’t
actually have to say anything with the food of course we know how to make some
faces when things do not taste right we can grin and bear it it’s like mmm good
job with that whatever that is oh it’s not oh that the food it was charred
it’s not burnt oh that’s Cajun this Cajun style okay whoa
all right Cajun Style food hmm so today I want you to reflect and think
about what is your body language saying what are your thoughts actually
producing in your movement interesting right yeah thank you all so much for joining me
this week this was really an interesting episode for me to record and also to
again reflect on it like I said at the beginning this was a story I had heard a
few years ago and continues to resonate with me and I began to think more about
what I’m saying how I’m saying it and even if I’m not saying something what am
i projecting and letting people know how I feel without saying anything
how many car doors am I slamming how many how hard can I put these dishes
down what laundry can I throw what am i doing in my daily comings and goings Who
am I going to cut off in traffic and blow the horn at Who am I going to be
impatient with without actually saying anything and I pray that this will help
you reflect and perhaps change because we’re confronted with something that we
know for ourselves that mmm that’s probably true I might need to work on
that it invites us to change that behavior and I pray that you all are
also people of change as well as of purpose. As always please drop your
information in the comments let us know who you are if you’re in the chat please
come out of the chat and drop it in the comments because that will be that will
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to seeing you all next Wednesday enjoy the rest of your week and have a
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