Trailer for Luzinterruptus “Literature vs. Traffic” event in Ann Arbor

10,000 books illuminated by 20,000 LEDs.
It’s going to be spectacular. On October 23rd Liberty Street will be covered with
these books. It will take all day from morning until about 5 o’clock to pave
Liberty Street between Maynard and State with books and then at dusk the whole
road will just light up. It will literally illuminate our town and honor
the book, coming together, free thought, diversity. We have mysteries from Aunt
Agatha’s bookstore. Oh my gosh. The book itself is a physical object, and so if
art is a way to make us look at the familiar in a different way, I think this
project is so great. To make people realize books are books. They’re not
pixels on a screen. A book has a, you know, a discreet presence that’s unique.
Literature versus traffic with the Madrid artists collective Luzinterruptus.

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