TRAINING DAYS – a pole dance diary 1×01

Here we are in the morning (Because of me or because of Federico I do not know) We have decided to tell you about my preparation for the show which will be held on May 4th at the Italian Conference of pole dance So we’ll talk about my daily workouts, what I do to train and how I will build the choreography I’m quite worried because there is very little time left and I have to work on everything I’m not a dancer I do not have a background in dance… yes, I have been pole dancing for about two years so that side is fine However building a choreography is completely different you have to work on the music, feel it, interpret it and choose which tricks to do it’s a big job! The blog, was born in January 2010 When I met my friends, we used to talk about the video of pole dances we had seen about the performer, in fact in Italy
there wasn’t a website and I have to say I’m happy about how things are going also collaborating with the blog are other people: such as Alessandra, Zombina, Julia, Federico…
it is beautiful! It is challenging, every day
I must look for new material, new information, writing articles …
but I like it! It also gives me a lot of satisfaction,
I mean since I started I’ve met many people, so many pole dancers.
I’ve discovered new things, new worlds. I began pole dancing completely by accident; one day a friend of mine was here in Milan and showed me a video of Felix Cane. When I saw it I was so impressed and
said “I want to do these things too!” When I saw it I was so impressed and
said “I want to do these things too!” And so I immediately looked for the school,
I went to Milan Pole Dance, I started with Amber Ray and
after a few months Marion Crampe arrived she is still my teacher and a big part of this project. She will help me to create the choreography,
It’s a great honour to train with her Since then, my great passion started:
From the very first lesson I had understood the beauty of pole dance. “Hello? Ah, yes, look I’ll finish the video
and come. Yes, yes, fine. Bye, see you later” So – get dressed and we’ll begin, okay? Ale I have to say that training with Valentina
Is a great pleasure for me She is a girl who immediately understands what I want her to do and who also wants to do a good job. This is already half the job. Ok Vale: now you’ve got the music,
I did not like the first one you chose, this is much more “you”
What we need to think about now, also because it is what you work with in the beginning, are the combos you want to put in this choreography. You do not have to do things which are super difficult, You need to do things that are a little new but
especially things that you’re sure to make “wow” Otherwise you would need much more that two months of work Later we will think about how to build the choreography, the costume… in my opinion, these things come afterwards. As we thought the last time, what we wanted to put in
was going in twisted grip I know you I bothered you the last time but
Now let’s see You must always remember that when you are in position you must look towards the opposite shoulder. Just like that, then use your abs and launch yourself. Eeeee upwards! On on on That’s right.
Then quietly. That’s right. Bring down your legs. Check. Pelvis That’s right. You have to work on this.
A lot. Yes, because if you do not go upwards, what you see… let’s do that at the beginning, the entrance is still a mess. Now you only have to clean up a little bit We have to do it in a way that she feels super
Because this piece is hers. But, in my opinion, on the 4th May
she will rock

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