(music) (laughs) “good morning!” “crab” (chuckles) “crab” “hi rose!” “we got dylan this time!” kind of affected by it because it’s right there we got rose to hahaha grab a shot is that beast up what did you all night guys today we’re back and my family still gone they get back today but my brother got sick in Kansas City so they’re waiting for him to feel better before they take the three hour drive back and Dylan and Quentin came over last night when I was sleeping so they’re here and I’m about to enjoy some cinnamon bread that the neighbors brought over shout out to the neighbors shows I don’t know what I’d have for breakfast without you our first year since i woke you guys up with Krusty Krab there’s cinnamon bread upstairs this pupper sits by me every day when I edit she loves me she loves me she’s kind of wet because Rose has been biting her whole entire body but that’s how they play again if any dog could do a backflip it would be her I remember when I tried to teach rose and Rose was just not having it but had her tries you times and she always lands this she doesn’t land in a squat like Rose did Rose just kind of gave up like halfway through and just flopped but she might be able to do on one day that be cool I needed dog oh that can backflip Dylan and corn and I are all going to walmart right now and we were about to go get some paint hopefully we’re old enough because last time we went there like used to be 18 but that was spray painting this is like oh this is going to be pain that can so hopefully we can do it we’re going to be painting a trampoline today I guess this is trampling versus paint I’ve only done once trampling verses in this house so it’s that time again all it’s nice out yay kind of windy though are you doing wrong guard I came to your house to meet you what’s up you’re going to drive because I don’t what’s up there pit hairless ah that’s just knew me okay so we just went in walmart and it’s going to take 20 minutes for them to mix our paint that we need so we bought this toilet thingy you can’t really see this in the bag but we got 20 minutes to kill and ihop is luckily right over there thank you God to help load them in the back are you coming to record us I’m going to a Richert because I don’t want to get he doesn’t want to get in the paint hey to bryce’s yeah by the way record means record but in red language and I have this on because I don’t want to get my hair out ue all we got to go to quit the car and I have spongebob underwear on you’ll get to see those when we’re on the trampoline why did I take my phone out here feels like somewhere out it’s so nice okay so we have we have kind of green red blue orange and yellow and we’re going to put them on the big rectangle this is going to permanently dye the trampoline quickly at least we hope and hopefully it does not die our skin permanently you click bait because I don’t want to be quick babe my whole life oh and we have purple I almost forgot the purple it’s indica our neighbors are going to learn to love us hey underwear and trampoline either love you or steal and we got to get inside of these come on get out I’m gonna do some flips because my spongebob undies are going to get me the power you want it yeah what you get who’s the genius now are you sure that’s going to work buddy have you been to my good possible opening scissors I’ll be so pissed all that’s a very nice purple you do me I dare you to eat it oh I’ve cold oh that’s real cold dang wish I could do you guys bet we are what down or less can stand all that’s the best seller yeah well paint is ready heck yeah all right time to hand over the camera I think you’ll see if this thing is it’s ain’t going to come off in the shower yeah see if we rub it it comes up and all of us use those red ones it was like okay okay we’re going to make sure the blue and the red first what do you we had a dump it from my high up what come on don’t get it on me I’m not going to get it on and so with it I’m sorry about the wind but we’re outside we have to be better not throw this guy he’ll kill you don’t follow you you should throw this first they just think are they don three do 10 what about God we’re liquid I never felt on the grass career yeah you can throw us aggression I covered his whole can and paint I saw this over here y’all make purple it’s like purple we’re making art over here on this side holy crap are 1 million dollars who wants his guys look at this art drivelling comes with it stop it I’ll check out my toes this is just like the pepto-bismol okay her coming in I won’t throw it on you this time three yeah yo oh you tell you that everything yep hey hey let me even have yellow I want them in I’m ready go let’s go ahead so just pour it straight down straight down so it’s straight up straight up okay straight up not towards you can hit up and straight down ready yeah great to watch out oh you owe me forty five dollars I are you kidding me I want to try to clean it just a little bit let’s give us something right all awesome my favorite pair of jeans thanks for ruining let’s just warm out cuz it paints kind of cold ready this is probably bad idea zoom in if you want a little oin and no not actually going to hurt it’s like a little puddle one thing much admire the beautifulness going home I know your pages is no i don’t yes ah i have the coolest leg hairs every right hand she’s actually kind of sick I love you music good colors oh yeah I’m going to be like I’m gonna be like Quentin the rest of day because I can’t touch my arm thank you that was a muscle gym whatever close do we can reposition doubles um I look Brian you do the double friend Dylan Oh screw you it sticks to you every time you land my back multi colors or what oh my God look pretty thank you pretty you know I feel like I have a lot of stuff on me but not as much as when my brother did my makeup okay guys I think I thank our masterpiece is complete I think we’re telling this on ebay highest bidder gets it just kidding on that I 169 million dollars yes you have we’re gonna take a shower in my mom take that shower cuz the art on my on my feet I got some pretty better hurry before the stuff guys honestly yeah all right we’re gonna run in there you guys can join into the shower well I mean that’s cool I ruined my favorite pair of jeans and shoes so I mean good day all right so we take place in the steps we can’t go around guys to have them it you can just play the towels of your feet much sounds it’s on accident okay this happens every day y’all go go go goodbye now your feet apologize yeah finger oh dude with this legend you see I’ve been whats better when you grabbed my phone and I can do not just the walls all opposition there yeah if we can take my hat off understood enjoy your is so 65 I’m gonna come off slow it’s coming off my hands a little bit key if we rub hard enough it will come on in there prolly forget it 360 passing it out oh yeah we finally got pool bowl guys like they’ve been here for four days yep we got like four years ago we got them yesterday nobody can know I edited the video and put them in the video that I posted to do coffee ice cream when did anything don’t miss don’t oh hello hi welcome back thanks just going this way sure hi art is pretty fun about it no rules even though we barely have any anyway I hear about that have you seen the rectangle trampoline it’s colorful you can’t really see it from here but I’m kind of you okay everything there’s a we showered in your shower there’s probably try to get most of it down the drain but you might see your shower might be clickbait is it clean I know oh really okay guys it is the next morning now we’re going to go ahead and do a follow-up check on the trampoline real quick only thing that was stained with my arm a little bit but all the other paint came off and thankfully we have a lot of beliefs that you guys send in the fan mail so we were able to clean the shower completely look at that it’s kinda hard to see what the morning light but i think it’s permanently colored dishonestly looks pretty sick I like it and even this one a lot of footprints and handprints and that’s Dylan’s but and that’s my butt right there pretty cool hopefully it doesn’t come off when it rains because I want to keep this but yeah guys we’re going to go ahead and in the video there and I hope you guys enjoyed it I got to get started with today’s video and yeah thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget leave a like insurance friends if you enjoyed subscribe to new and i’ll see you guys in the next one p st. my my thought you came in looking like that you just made baby

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