Tuesday Card: Three of Cups reversed

Tuesday Card: Three of Cups reversed

Hey everybody. Welcome to the Tuesday
card in this week’s Tarot Story. We have the Three of Cups reversed. The number
“3” is about momentum. It’s about going from a place of intention and just
thinking about something to starting to really gain some gravity and ground
around something that you’re creating. And cups are connected to the heart so
they’re about feeling connected to others and following your intuition,
listening to your emotional truth. This card when it’s upright suggests
that we gain ground and get some momentum by reaching out to others and
sharing our heart with them, and allowing them to celebrate us in and together
we’re just fulfilling our emotional connection. You can see it’s women toasting Cups together. They’re dancing in a circle and there’s a lot of
love and connection and camaraderie. So when it’s upright it suggests to us that
in order to really get moving and to move forward we want to include others
in our joy and allow them to love us. But this came to us reversed so that
suggests to me that, although we might want to reach out to others right now
for some support, it’s not quite the right time. Yesterday we had the Ace
of Wands reversed – and this is why I feel this way. The Ace of Wands reversed I
suggested is about feeling potential coming up in your body. You’re feeling
restless but you’re not sure yet what that is calling you to. You don’t have a
vision yet or an inspiration yet. You can just feel something is on the rise.
When we feel that way I suggested that we
might want to just blow off that energy, because we’re almost like a balloon
that’s overfull and we’re trying to let out some energy. Just blow it off
somewhere, do any kind of action just to feel a little more comfortable. And I
suggested that we try not to do that, try to let the energy build in you
because it’s building to something. Well, the same thing today – we might feel like
we want to reach out to friends and family or people who love us to
release some of this feeling of restlessness or frustration that’s
coming up, instead of actually allowing it to speak to us. Instead of reaching
out to others to give you this camaraderie and this connection see if
you can offer it to yourself. See if you can give yourself a party, give yourself connection and love and support, and chocolate and ice cream –
whatever you need for a party. To say that you’re there
and you want to be your companion. You’re listening to your heart and right now
you’re gonna hold it to you close. Because there is a voice trying to speak,
and if you to quickly move into the world or to other people’s perspectives
you might lose it. You might lose that vital energy. Try to give
yourself a party today. Be your own best friend and step back from
looking for others just yet. See you tomorrow for our next card. Bye!

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  • I love your videos. Your energy is so radiant and vivid. The way it comes through your videos is just breathtaking. Please do not stop and go through all the cards. I have been reading Tarot for a couple of years, still I find interesting additions until today. πŸ™‚ Thank you for being here! Love! <3

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