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hey yo spaghetto here and welcome to a new
mod that I’m trying it’s called say Ori date I’m not actually sure how long this
mod is at all cuz on the website it said Mon link was unknown so I guess not many
people played this yet I’m excited to jump into it though it seemed
interesting to me so yeah there we go guys hopefully it’s not too too too
terrible oh uh it’s finally the weekend after a stressful day at school I can
finally go home and rest come to think of it I don’t remember much of today
wait oh hi hi say Ori what the flip noodle boy why are you running so fast
huh running I was running yeah I didn’t even know why I was running
really yes are you all right needle boy I guess so
you sure yeah all right well what are you doing hey uh are you doing anything
tomorrow I don’t know why oh well I was wondering well who’s she gonna ask us
out if you like to go on a little date dress a date sure hex yeah boy I mean
all right cool I was thinking we could go to the park
that sounds lovely say Ori good call me later awesome we’re going
on a date already finally time to go to sleep I let out a long sigh I feel so
good to be in my bed today it was just nuts a date was say Ori
huh usually I would have said I’d be busy but a day I would say Ori would be
nice the week was stressful as heck so why not say aria was has been my best
friend for years now why does well but as much of a hassle she can as she could
be sometimes she is such a likeable person she’s sweet
cheerful and her smile is so infectious she’s just a big ball of sunshine oh
don’t tell Monica Monica will freak out so what are you doing oh hi I’m really
falling for this girl and I what the heck was that I don’t know I need to get
some rest I’m not okay with this what the heck was that
no crap I forgot to call see Oread dust got through the gosh dangit boy uh-uh-uh-uh I’m not okay with this mod I
thought this was gonna be a sweet cute mud this isn’t cute you know okay you
forgot to call say Orie okay well okay well I knock on the door no answer a
knock on the door no answer I knock on the door no answer
I knock on the door no answer the no not answering knocking left right lMNO piano
spaghetti okay no answer why uh I can’t see out my eyes oh okay that’s a nice
blurry camera effect you got there buddy uh don’t tell me she overslept again Oh
cor you big dummy snot okay there isn’t any noise coming
out of her room no I begin to get anxious I swear to God
if it’s the hanging I’m gonna be so angry I gently opened the door oh hey
Jesus uh oh hi didn’t expect you to come over that scared the bejesus out of me
oh gosh yeah I just wanted to see if you’re all right I didn’t know if you
were asleep or not I’m sorry I tried to be quiet well that wasn’t really quiet
what what do you mean you practically kicked my door down my life flashed
before my eyes you startled me a bit oh sure oh sorry
no biggie let’s go huh what is this my no okay
it’s so beautiful today oh the parks lovely there’s no game glitching or jump
scares okay it really is our park is always a nice place to visit nice quiet hey noodle boy yes say are you sorry I
was just screaming for a bit I swear if you jump scare me would be so mad do you
think my oh why why why what is this why is there legs and body parts floating in
space no this is no stop it stop no okay that’s nice
what am I playing this is just I feel like I’m playing the original game again
you know just I’m totally have no idea what’s going on
no this is a weird date do you remember when we used to think the Sun was a
death ray and we would always hide under that big tree oh yeah she remembered
that I’m surprised you remembered that say Orie that was years ago we were both
seven then I miss those days oh hey look this trees I love it here
saiary takes a deep breath hmm we had a lot of fun at the park today at least
the date went okay I guess despite it just being nothing more than a regular
day out I loved it however have I felt strange I’ve I feel like I had
butterflies in my stomach the entire time
I really think I’m starting to fall for say Ori oh that’s cute
as long as they were he’s not demonic she’s so beautiful oh I’m just so cute
okay I’ve fallen into a trap what what what is this back to the weirdness new I
know I sound all lovey dovey but I really do hope say Ori and I have
another date oh that’s cute hello I’m not doing much really I might
call her do it do it boy well this is new I guess we can call on this one
hello hey say Ori oh hey what’s that what’s that noise what Oh what okay I’m gonna ignore that oh hey what
are you up to nothing really just watching some TV oh
that makes sense okay wow that’s cool this is awkward
hey I was wondering uh do you want to come over yeah how did you know that oh
I can hear it in your voice but yeah of course you can come over silly
I’d love that great I’ll be over in an hour see you okay that’s nice let’s get
ready heed my warning hi Monica hi hots God Monica figured out it told you not
to tell her noodle boy uni big mouth gosh we’re play Monica no it’s not what
it looks like I’m not cheating on you I’m not I swear it’s okay this isn’t
after story she doesn’t know this right okay it’s enough of this you can stop
burning the computer now you can No Monica stop please okay how long does
this go on for I can’t skip okay so guys lovely isn’t it seeing Monica burn
and hello is it over yet knock knock hey come in oh wow I got some snacks for us
hey her room looks different I was thinking we can watch a movie what movie
begotten shin Godzilla oh I didn’t I don’t think I’ve seen that one yet it
came out in 2015 I heard it’s good well everything set up are you ready yes
okay these pauses in between make me so uncomfortable
Wow this movie is great I feel nervous I’m really nervous too I’m going to talk
to say Orie after the movie okay oh man I need to confess to her oh no Monica’s
gonna figure out hello okay hey say Orie yes noodle boy I
really need to ask you something I’ve been actually meaning to ask you
something to you but I can wait oh man this is it it’s now or never say Rory I
known you for such a long time right yeah well if I got to be honest I feel
like the time we spent together well it’s been some of the greatest moments
of my life oh that’s cute that’s so sweet noodle
boy I’m sorry I can’t hold my feelings in much longer I need to tell you yes
tell me so Yuri I say it boy say it just say it come on you can do it wait what
what hold hold that thought what no what you’re interrupting no let me finish
Oh turn around why why are we at school now
huh how did we get here stop talking let’s say shut up I know I don’t like
this mod hey Ari second thought I don’t think I love you
anymore what have you been hiding from me I what are you trying to pull here I
don’t you know what don’t talk anymore no please no more jump scares I know
what you’re doing you’re looking for a happy ending aren’t you oh no no no no
no no no no after what you did after how you acted not sure how you betrayed me you think you can just give yourself a
happy end and catch you you think you can decide you deserve a happy ending
after how you treated me huh I’m so uncomfortable you left me in the frickin
dust you left me to rot you didn’t do anything to save me I’m sorry
you don’t deserve a happy ending okay you know I still have a shred of love
inside of me for you oh okay that’s nice Oh before we continue let me fix
something up real quick oh no no we were removing that Sookie what she’s deleting
Monica hey Monica’s gone oh that’s nice all taken care of no way are they
actually gone now they’re still there you liar you lied to me they’re still there I had
some time to think while you were away when you were searching for mods I was
like lying in a void of nothingness but I felt like centuries the other screamed
the other saw nothing but terror all the others did was shriek in horror but not
me like I said I had come to think and
that’s what I did I planned a way to improve myself
that’s nice say Orry calm down now watch this oh no what are you doing
install god no no what the no god mode set to 100k I’m thinking about that
deleting this mod now guys save say Ori saved successfully
wonderful hi can you stop looking at me like that you’re really freaking me out
you have no idea how good this feels uh you don’t know how I got a hold of
that script but I’m glad it’s a part of me now you see what I plan on doing is a
lettuce special friend of mine find a vessel to contain me actually putting
myself out there is going to be a challenge fortunately as I said I have
it all planned out I’m going to make you watch by pneumatic mind-altering agent
after that you will take out my instructions
and my new power oh my power I will finally be able to reach out and touch
the hand of God itself okay that’s nice you see the reason why I want to do this
is so I can do what I’ve always dreamed of they get closer to you and when I
find you I’m gonna give you the love that you deserve I’m going to love you
to death oh this is not okay uh-huh second
thought I think I like Monica better I’m going to drink you what the heck Monica
she wanted to drink me delete delete I’m going to cut you up and feel every
inch of you oh no the more thieve okay it drives me insane just think about it
this is the not the kind of date I wanted guys it’s going to be amazing I
think I like our time better no it’s not fun no no you stop that stop looking at
me well I guess is there’s a way where we say goodbye for now okay I say Orie
but watching them the wet okay watching the mine altering agent that’s nice what is this game am i looking at like
no idea before of this there okay suffer why what it why just why hello say Ori
goodbye bye bye I’m okay with this now goodbye you crying okay say or a date
that was nice a mod by Leo DiCaprio that was us I was
so horrifying my Jesus give me chills and I literally screamed it that one
jump scared oh man I did not expect this at all I didn’t read any of the mods
description I just thought I was gonna be a cute dating mod just like our time
man oh man that was a that was a good one that was really Sara fiying good job
to the developer crops it was a way to turn events around me thinking it’s just
gonna be fun hamaji played his unofficial yeah it’s
no way affiliated with teams Lovato special thanks to these people that’s
nice my inner team okay is there anything
after the credits I’m just gonna wait this out and talk talk about how creepy
this song is geez this is one heck of a mod hey so it just closes after the
credits are finished and yeah so I didn’t even save any of the game there’s
nowhere I don’t think you were really supposed to save and I think that’s
pretty much it for this mod it’s just a little horrifying 20-minute experience I
guess of monstrosity zuv series inner demons or whatever so I’m gonna check
out one thing before I close this video what happens if you say no to her offer
to go out so yeah let’s just skip to that real quick yeah I know I’m running
or whatever so just keep going okay stop staring at me keep going so I was
wondering well if you like to go on a little date so nope I’m busy tomorrow
yeah I’m busy huh how does it make you feel say re yeah huh are you upset are
you gonna go crazy huh yep she’s going crazy okay
she just said she loves the way we bleed that’s nice thank you I said I didn’t
want to go out with he because you’re nuts bitch
I love garbled opera music playing out of a sink faucet that’s my favorite uh hello
yes all is so disgusting you’re disgusting oh so hey um it closed the
game out again after you say no to her and she freaks out so yeah it was funny
seeing her response yeah this date did not go as expected say Rory she’s a
little demon you know she she’s evil like I thought
Monika was crazy see or he’s really crazy man
like sees is just nuts anyways thank you guys so much for watching make sure to
LIKE subscribe check out the other doki mods I did I’ve done quite a few if you
have any others you’d like to recommend me comment down below and I will add
them to my list of mods to do I have like a list of them right now that I’m
just going through and this one was definitely a really interesting
experience to be subjected to yeah I’m gonna put it that way so yeah comment
whatever you want tell me what you thought of this one and as always I will
see you guys in the next video goodbye wow that was one heck of a mod bye guys

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