Unleash your talent at Northern State University

Unleash your talent at Northern State University

My name is Judah, I am a musical theater
and English education double major at Northern State University. Northern being a small school and an arts school gives students a lot of opportunities to do more hands-on learning. Knowing that I have smaller class sizes makes Northern feel more like a community. My name is Rosemary and I’m a vocal music education major. Northern has been a great fit for me because I get to perfect my skills and work with great faculty. Another fantastic thing about
Northern is the price it’s extremely affordable and there are so many
scholarships as well. They have a great theater program, a great education
program and I’ve been offered a lot of wonderful experiences that I don’t think
I could have gotten at most other schools. Northern is a great place to
pursue your passion for the arts. I encourage you to come up and join

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