Uploading Basic Images for Print Then Cut – Working with Design Space – Tutorials for Beginners

Uploading Basic Images for Print Then Cut – Working with Design Space – Tutorials for Beginners

In this video, we’ll upload a Basic image
to Design Space to use as a Print Then Cut image. If the phrase “Print Then Cut” makes no
sense to you, here’s the deal: Print Then Cut is an easy way to create full-color graphics
for your projects using your home printer. You print the images first, and then use your
Cricut machine to cut them. Perfect for things like custom stickers, printed
cards, or elaborately colored tags. Let’s do it. First, drag and drop your image here. Now, we’re presented with a few
options for our image, and it’s helpful to know what these options do. It’s also important to know that they do
NOT affect the print quality of your image; they only temporarily reduce the colors so
that they can be easily removed to create more intricate cut lines. Click each one of these and notice how it
affects the number of colors displayed in our image. Since we’re creating a Print Then Cut image,
and we don’t need to simplify colors to create intricate cut lines, we’ll click
Complex, but don’t worry we’ll cover these in more detail in the Advanced Features video. For a full-color Print Then Cut image,
we won’t need any of these tools, so I’ll just Continue. Next, we’re presented with a couple of options,
including previews of how each will look: “Save as a Print Then Cut image” or
“Save as a Cut image.” This green highlight, by the way, means the
Print Then Cut option is selected by default. This is the perfect time to give your image
a name and definitely give it some tags, because this is your only chance to do so. You can’t come back later to add tags or
change the name, so to make it easy to find in the future, get it perfect now. Click save when you’re done. Your
new upload is here in the Recently uploaded images section, ready to select and place
on your Canvas when you are. And that’s how to upload a Print Then Cut
image. In the next video, we’ll look at advanced
features for Print Then Cut images. See you there!

9 thoughts on “Uploading Basic Images for Print Then Cut – Working with Design Space – Tutorials for Beginners”

  • We are beginning to get into more advanced features in this series of videos. Please tell us what you think of these, we always want to hear your feedback!

  • Glad to hear— some of the features I know about and use, but when I haven’t done it in awhile, it’s easy to forget and the video’s are good reminders of best practices.. so I am looking forward to more video’s!

  • thank you for sometimes we need refreshing…i really enjoy the videos and would like to see more on printable iron on..this is still somewhat confusing to me…thx

  • Is it possible to make a video for working with text a little more detailed. Like work with a quote and actually show editing using the layers?

  • Have been watching many of yours (and others) videos. Learning a lot. When working with my print/cut images sometimes all the indicators ('x', lock, rotate etc) disappear from my image. My image is still there but I will be damned if I can find a way to get them back. Can't do anything with the image then and pretty much have to start over. Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?Thanks!!

  • I am wondering if you have plans to do a print and cut in a bigger size like in the 12×24 mat and the 12×12. I know silhoutte cameo is able to do that

  • My Cricut will not save my cut and print image. It just keeps trying and I have to shut my program down and restart to get it to stop. Could it be the size of the picture that is causing this?

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