Using art to envision the future

Using art to envision the future

Alright guys, we’re on the road! Wooo! How are you guys feeling? Great, great, great. So we were pulling out at like
7:30 in the morning and my feeling as we’re pulling out was, “Are we really doing this?” I mean it just
seemed very unbelievable to me that it was actually happening. Affirmative Art is a way of projecting
the future by drawing or painting it. This idea of acknowledging each
person and their right to dream and to achieve their own purpose, is the first step in a more communal
vision for a shared world. We are painting the tour van.
It’s the launch day of the tour. We’re leaving tomorrow from…from Boston and then heading to New
York to Harlem and then we will end the tour in LA. It’s exciting. It’s also sort of a
big responsibility because we are engaging so
many different communities, but it’s also appreciation for having reached this far. It was so fast paced that you know we
would drive in the morning, and then we would do a workshop in the afternoon. We saw the U.S. but we really only saw it through the lens of these particular community spaces. You just got to meet people and just have conversations with them.

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