Using Google Scholar for literature reviews

Using Google Scholar for literature reviews

hey everybody, Professor Erika Sanborne here,
with a video on how to set up Google Scholar to begin your literature review. You know how when you’re doing something academic, you use the library’s electronic databases to conduct your searches?This is how you might begin what’s called a ‘literature review’ on your topic of interest. And you do this
because you’re seeking scholarly references, and the library’s
excellent databases give you that access. And then, of course, you might think like in the real world when you want to know something you ask Google about it. If you’re not already
doing so I suggest you combine these activities
by using Google Scholar, and setting it up so that it searches
not only what Google has access to but what you UMass Lowell’s libraries have access to as well. if you are not already doing this you
should start. I can also show you real quick as well.
You’re going to log in to Google, and when you are logged in you should see the email address you using for Google
up there. Click Settings, and on the left you’ll see a link called ‘Library Links’ and you simply want to type in ‘UMass Lowell’ and search. It should find us right here: University
Massachusetts Lowell full text. Check that box and click Save. Let’s search for something. I searched for ‘sense of community.’ And I’ll go with maybe since 2013. That looks interesting: dog walking and sense of community in
neighborhoods. Alright. I want to see what that is. Full-Text @UML Libary. Look at that. I typed it in Google You want to click that link. IIt’s going to ask for my login credentials at the library and you can see from the URL you are logging into our library. Just log in there, and you can access whatever you’re
searching for. So apparently this is in a journal called ‘Health & Place” and I’m not personally familiar with it but here’s my article. “Brought to you by UMass Lowell”is up here in the corner Again, log in to Google, go to, click Settings, Library Links, add University of
Massachusetts Lowell. And that should help your literature reviews.

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