UW-Platteville Performing and Visual Arts Spotlight: Lyrica Daentl

UW-Platteville Performing and Visual Arts Spotlight: Lyrica Daentl

I just can’t think of a time when there really
wasn’t music in my life. I grew up in a family that really supported
music, so I went through piano lessons, I took private voice lessons, and I got to do
some dance. And so I guess I grew up knowing the importance
of music. I started playing the trumpet when I was in
fifth grade, and it was fun! And one day I looked at the wall with all
the other instruments and I looked at the cubby with the French Horn in it. I pointed at that and I was like “That’s what
I’m going to play. That’s what I’m going to play.” And I told my mom that, and she was like “But
I just BOUGHT you a new trumpet.” And I was like “But, mom, I’m going to play
the French Horn.” When I came to Platteville I didn’t realize
that I was going to come here and meet these professors and just form these friendships,
these bonds, and I can’t imagine going somewhere else and having it be the same way with the
faculty. Sometimes I find it hard to leave here because
everyone is so supportive and so kind and they know exactly what to say and how to help. It just means so much to me because I feel
like I’m getting a really good education, especially for something I really want to
do. I always knew that I loved music. And I always knew I wanted to teach. So I guess it was just a matter of time for
me to realize “Hey, you can put both together and you can be a music teacher. I want to be the teacher that I had when I
was growing up. I want to be that influential, caring, passionate,
supportive friend. I want to be that person that will always
help and always knows what to say. I get to teach the future generation of music
and for me that’s so satisfying. That’s exactly what I want to do with my future. I can’t see myself doing anything else.

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