Values in Action Through Visual Arts – Jing Shan Primary School

Values in Action Through Visual Arts – Jing Shan Primary School

We started our pottery Values-in-Action programme this year. One of the very important learning outcomes from this programme is teaching values through pottery lessons. I enjoyed the pottery lesson as I get to know more people. There are two sessions to this project. During the first session, our primary five pupils will visit the kindergarten. They will get to know the K2 pupils first, and then spend time together to discuss what kind of pottery piece they want to make. During the second session, the preschoolers will visit our school to glaze their pottery pieces and go for a school tour with their primary five buddies. During the school tour, the preschoolers get to know about primary school life. The primary five buddies will also share with them their experiences in the school. I learnt that I must be kind and helpful to others. I learnt to be responsible for my partner and to take care of him. I also learnt to be patient because sometimes they didn’t know what to do and we had to teach them. This is really an exciting learning journey for both our primary five students and the preschoolers. Our primary five students have benefited from this project. Through this collaboration, the students learnt to give without asking for anything in return.

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