VBCPS Gifted Visual Arts Program

VBCPS Gifted Visual Arts Program

Students identified as gifted in the
visual arts are eligible to participate in the gifted visual arts program. The
teachers of this program believe in the importance of art education and
fostering a lifelong love of learning. As Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an
artist, the problem is how to remain one once we grow up.” One of the goals of the
gifted visual arts program is to empower students to become more than just makers
of art, but advocates for its importance. We truly believe that students will have
the foundation necessary to utilize their creative talents even once they
have grown up. The gifted visual arts program is for identified students in
grades 3 through 8. Third- through fifth-grade students participate in a 1-day per week
pullout program at Old Donation School Edward E Brickell Academy for Advanced
Academics and Arts. All sixth- through eighth-grade students identified as
gifted in the visual arts and who wish to participate in the gifted visual arts
program attend Virginia Beach Middle School as a full-time student. The gifted
visual arts program is embedded within the middle school daily schedule. The
first step of the identification process is the application process. Teacher
recommendations and student drawings are important components of the application. Any student applying should be aware of the time commitment needed to complete the application to the best of his or her ability. Each student’s application
is reviewed to determine if the student will be invited to a full-day assessment
held at Old Donation School Edward E Brickell Academy for Advanced Academics and Arts. Students invited to the full-day assessment participate in four
different art sessions to assess their abilities. The data collected from the
full-day assessment is reviewed by an identification committee to determine if
the applicant is gifted in the visual arts. The elementary program is a pullout
program in which students are scheduled to attend one day each week for the
entire school day. Transportation is provided by the school division. The
program uses a concept-based curriculum top three gifted pedagogy and
grading period has a specific focus including: two-dimensional design,
three-dimensional design, color and innovation. Unlike the elementary program, students in the middle school gifted visual arts
program adopt Virginia Beach Middle School as their home school and attend
visual arts program classes embedded within their daily middle school
schedule. Transportation is provided. Elementary school students already
identified as gifted in visual arts do not need to reapply for the program at
the middle school level. Unidentified students can apply for admission through
their seventh-grade year. Those applying and and identified as 7th graders will attend
for their 8th grade year, The program uses a concept based curriculum taught
through gifted pedagogy and each grading period has a specific focus including:
two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design, color, and innovation. Gifted
visual arts middle school students have the option to take what is called a zero
bell that begins prior to the regular instructional day. Gifted visual arts
students use zero bell to create room in their schedules for a second elective.
For example: Visual arts students in sixth and seventh grade use the zero
bell to take PE. Eighth-grade students may opt out of PE by completing the
requirement through an alternative activity, so eighth-grade students use
the zero bell to enroll in an art seminar class. During the school day
gifted art students then have their gifted art class and one other elective.
Students in our program find the courage and confidence to express themselves as
individual artists. Courage and confidence are built through the support
of teachers, peers and the community. As teachers differentiate instruction and
use gifted pedagogy to teach our students through high quality curriculum
targeted at students identified as gifted in the visual arts. Students are
surrounded by other artists every day. Their peers are a great source of
feedback and inspiration. The community supports the gifted visual arts program
in many ways. Local businesses offer to host art
shows in their establishments. Students in our program use the creative process to solve complex visual problems. Solving visual
problems through the creative process means working towards a solution by
utilizing key steps. Students brainstorm to come up with multiple ideas. Students
complete research to find an authentic and innovative solution. Research can be
a trip to the library or local museum. Students spend time planning out their
ideas through thumbnail sketches, diagrams, and practice with media.
Students create their work of art in a studio setting. Students reflect on their
art making after the work has been completed by discussing the process and
product with their peers and teachers. During this important step of the
creative process students gain a deeper understanding of what it means to make a work of art. Students in the gifted visual arts program learn how to use
specific media and techniques to create works of art. Technical skills are
important for young artists to be able to use media effectively in the creation
of dynamic works of art. Understanding compositional elements are key to a
successful framework for a work of art. Drawing from life develops skills needed
to accurately portray perception. There are specific ways that each media can be
applied to a work of art and understanding these techniques is
essential to the growth of an artist’s portfolio. Students in the gifted visual
arts program use concepts to create personally relevant works of art. A
visual problem presented that connects to the concept of community challenges
students to brainstorm with your peers to develop an understanding of community. Use this collaborative brainstorming to create a design for an intaglio print
that expresses your interpretation of our community. The gifted visual arts
program is about so much more than just making art. Students are involved in
field trips, museum visits, grant-funded projects, community collaborations, and
visits from professional artists. To gain a true understanding of art many
of our gifted visual art students decide to continue their focus on art at the
high school level. These students can apply for admission
into the art programs at Salem High School or Governor’s School for the Arts.
Students can also continue their art studies at their home schools taking
advanced placement art. We help prepare students for continuing their study of
art in several ways. Part of the curriculum at the middle school level is
focused on helping students prepare and present a professional portfolio of
their artwork. Our curriculum is infused with opportunities for teaching students
to speak and write about art using the language of art, including critiques, peer
reviews and artist statements. During their eighth-grade year students are
invited to participate in portfolio review night to receive feedback from
art professionals, Salem Art Academy and Governor’s School for the Arts teachers
before their real interviews take place. Throughout their experience in the
program, students participate in art shows both in their school and in the
community. This is the final stage of the creative process, showcasing the art that
has been made. Students who complete their eighth-grade year and the gifted
visual arts program at Virginia Beach Middle School will earn high school
credit for the art foundations course. The eighth grade year includes both a
seminar component, zero bell, and a studio component, one elective bell. The grade
students earn is counted as a high school credit and will be factored into
their high school GPA. Each student is an important part of the gifted visual arts
program. The support of Virginia Beach City Public Schools, the community and
parents help ensure the success of each student. We have every confidence
students in this program will remain artists and advocates for art as they
grow up. For more information about the gifted visual arts program please
contact your school’s gifted resource teacher or call Old Donation School.

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