View and Print Yahoo Mail Attachments Without Saving

View and Print Yahoo Mail Attachments Without Saving

If you’re using Yahoo Mail and someone sends
you an attachment you may not want to save it. You may just want to print it or open it up. But that’s not an easy thing to do. If you watch, if I click on this email, and
it loads, you can see the red rectangle. It shows you that you have an attachment. In this case, it’s red because it’s a PDF. It would be blue if it was a Word document. And you go to download, click on it. The only option that you get is to save or
cancel but you want to just open it or you want to just print it. I am going to show you a way that you can
get those options using Windows by doing this a little bit differently. You can tell this is Chrome because of the
shapes of the tabs up here and the little new tab button looks like that. You’re using Chrome. If you go to the bottom, you can see the circle
with the colors in it. Mine has my face on it because I have a couple
different browser profiles but the problem is probably that. The way that you get around it – there’s two
ways, but the easiest way is just to use Internet Explorer. If you go down to the Start menu, and you
click it, and there’s also two way to do this, but I think the easiest way is to start typing
internet. Then, you can see that Internet Explorer is
highlighted. Hit enter and this is Internet Explorer. The other way to find Internet Explorer is
to go to your Start menu if you are using Windows 10, all apps, do down to Windows Accessories,
and Internet Explorer. So I went to and I signed in
with the same username and password. If I open up this email again, it brings up
the same icon and you hover over the icon and the download option is there. But now, if you click download, it gives you
the option to open it and that’s all that you really want to do. You want to open it and then, from this screen,
this is just Adobe Acrobat that I opened up because it’s a PDF. If it was a Word document it would open up
Word. Now you can print it and after you print it,
you just close it and it’s gone. So you don’t have all the clutter of the downloads,
you don’t have the extra steps. If you like this option, come down to the
tool bar, right click on Internet Explorer, and pin it to your taskbar. That way it stays there. If you close it out, you can launch it again
from the task bar anytime you need it. If you don’t like Internet Explorer of if
you want something new and more secure, you can also use Firefox. When you click on it to download it, Firefox
will also give you the option to just open it. To find Firefox, just search for it. It’s the easiest way. It will be from Mozilla. That’s the name of the organization that does
Firefox. Download it. Install it. Use that as your browser. If it’s tricky for you to download and install
things then just use Internet Explorer. It will work just fine for you. So I hope that helps if you are trying to
print attachment in Yahoo Mail.

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4 thoughts on “View and Print Yahoo Mail Attachments Without Saving”

  • I forwarded to my gmail account and printed the attachment just fine. I love Yahoo mail and use it control even my gmail inboxes but I certainly don't like not being able to print an attachment without downloading. Not sure why this is even an issue.

  • I'm not able to print a pdf (or open it) that's been emailed to a Yahoo account through Firefox without being forced to save the document. I did forward the email to my Gmail account though, and it was fine (even in Firefox). So evidently this is an issue with Yahoo specifically and not Firefox/Chrome/IE.

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