Visual Art at Bellevue College

Visual Art at Bellevue College

Art making at the college level is a fantastic
and beautiful thing. Just for students to have a voice. I think a lot of art making
these days is a split between, an emotional response to something and something more research
oriented. We strive really hard to create an environment that’s inclusive where students
have an exchange of ideas as well as opinions. And I think it’s that exchange of ideas and
opinions that they start learning for themselves. At a certain point students will fall into
the materials and they’ll fall into that voice that they want to say, it starts clarifying
for them. And it becomes the carrot. I think they get excited when they see students bring
something that’s new because it’s personal to that student, and it’s honest, and I think
it’s that honest that students get really really excited about. And it inspires them.

local_offerevent_note October 11, 2019

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