Visual Art Discovery Program

[Teacher] And you can rub that with your finger to get the little cracks out around there. [Reporter] Bringing our their artistic abilities. The Art Center of Coastal Carolina is working with middle and high school students in Bluffton and Hilton Head as part of the VSA Children’s
Visual Art Discovery Program. It’s a national art enrichment program sponsored
by the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. For this lesson students got their hands dirty
sculpting with clay. [Teacher] We are going to be making a clay
fish. [Michale Campbell] It was kinda fun you got
to design your own fish you got to do your own texture it was overall fun. [Matvei Holslin] I liked to cut the fish out
of clay do the lines on the fish do the eye on the fish, lips. [Edwin Rivera] I enjoyed actual you know learning
the different ways you can create stuff with clay and you know just doing a whole you know
project with it and it sounded really fun to do. [Reporter] The program started in November
and will end in April. Each class will take part in a total of 12
sessions. [Alana Adams] So by bringing the program into
their classrooms their able to get the enrichment all throughout the year and they just have
fun it gives them a chance to be confident about their work there’s no right or wrong
in art and so it gives them a change to just express themselves freely with no judgement
while they are in the art classes with me. [Reporter] The students have really enjoyed
being exposed to different art forms. [Noah Kulas] We did self portraits of ourselves
we put like dots on our face we traced we colored our face to make it look like us we
just put dots all over on our face to make it more detailed to make it look more cool. [Reporter] All of the artwork the students
create will be on display at the Arts Center starting on May 3rd. Some of the work will also be submitted for
an online exhibit the Kennedy Center facilitates. For Beaufort County School District, Ron Lopes. [Teacher] And you roll again and only the
top is getting squished to a tip, there you go nice.

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