Visual Arts at UVic

Visual Arts at UVic

[Music] I think visual arts literally
communicates people in the best ways because I realized that the deficiency in
languages. There are so many terms we use in one language
that doesn’t exist in another. And visual arts however on the other side is a primary way of
experiencing things. You give people feel, touch, sound, smell. Once we’re more versed in this language we understand art on a deeper level. Art I think does — it bridges so many It bridges languages. It bridges cultures. It bridges a way to
have a conversation. [Music] It isn’t just painting and drawing. It is
integrated media art. So there is light and there’s sound
and there’s video work. And they’ve got all these opportunities. Like you don’t need to
choose one sort of medium to go into. Like you have the opportunity to diverse
and change your mind and do what really suits your own ideas. It’s such a unique
space to criticize world events, criticize structures in our society that
we don’t agree with or we do agree with or things that we want to break down. You know if we have this idea of us vs. them or two groups that are there not in
conversation yet and we’re talking about words like Reconciliation. I see my art
as a step towards that conversation coming forward. And I think when you make that
immersive artwork that it can really trace like the empathetic feeling
within audiences. I think that solves quite a bit of problems.

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