Visual Arts

Visual Arts

The visual arts department at HSPA is a
vibrant and productive learning environment Where the teachers set high expectations, provide
honest feedback and are supportive of our students Our students are engaged in building skills, but they’re also creatively challenged and learn
to respect to the art making process. This respect and freedom of choice encourages
students to experiment with form and explore ideas through a wide variety of media including
sculpture, drawing, painting, photography and film. The department has its own etching and lino press and printmaking is a popular option also. This experimentation with artistic form is inspired by
regular excursions to exhibitions by innovative contemporary art makers, where students learn to appreciate and interpret art and examine historical and cultural perspectives
beyond their own experiences Students in years 7 to 11 have the opportunity
to exhibit their works in a public exhibition in the Hunter Theatre and develop projects with
practicing artists and industry experts, developing an appreciation for the place of visual arts and reflecting and challenging our world.

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