Visual Literacy: Lesson One

Visual Literacy: Lesson One

welcome to visual literacy 101 in
this lesson we’re going to look at art and think about what our preconceived
conceptions of art are. So the main question is what is art? This is something we need to deal
with as wego to the lesson and the rest of our course we look at the
following images i want you to think about what artes and winds at the on
this it yourself and re-examine your preconceived notions of art so that you
can start to define uh… art in your own context here’s the first image you’re going to
look at think about this work is it about why you might want to pause while you see ending continue the video mixed image is it arts and why or why not here we had five three strikes’ isn’t
art line why not what about yes just in case you want and what you’re
looking at uh… it the photograph is not the art it’s the actual artist she has a state open lands ret to have bodies stacked with rope and she’s each inkjet so the actual shouldn of what she’s doing is the art and not
the image of what she’s doing is about why why not and this is a loss for the crew looking
at a good section apollo of candy and citations is those pollock and de art or not illnesses that there is a person in the
image that person is action a part of the are crippled in fact they are part
of the artwork but it’s a visitor to gary and this is something there telling the
visitor to take a piece of candy and concealment let me give you a little bit of
background on this web just so you can get an idea of the how different it is
difficult work when you understands meaning the split was created by a eight
gentleman felix gonzalez taurus to head aids and he was partner both times
partner action died first and use work gonzalez tourists is taking the combined weight of himself in
his lover before that was sick and she took that waits and mehta mehta four of the two parties by taking that weights and putting it together in kandy so what we’re looking at is too but he’s
of candy what happens is as visitors come
together and have a look at it actually taking one piece of times candy
and consuming it so that we have then metaphor of the
candy pink body but we also have other nato force such as the action
all-consuming this candy could be mixed with the idea paul slowly
dying from aids and i appreciate your support of the
idea off the eucharist the taking of the body of christ if you’re not a
christian faith there’s all sorts of different connotation she could start to
create based on your on an understanding of consuming and gave so this work is
particularly interesting on almost half of us are fickle label and i think
knowing its meaning is quiet important in the contents discussing art is not form what they’re talking about in general
squad literacy in the arts but we particularly focusing enough for
citizens on visual literacy earned a good ole days in high school we had to
be a poem orion shakespeare and didn’t give a christian ticket you had to on to
those questions processes very much summer but instead
of reading what we’re doing is we’re looking we’re trying to make meaning and
check create understanding out of what we looking at and this is quote fica
literacy and in the mix listens to become a gutsy since the it’s fun how
you can practice revision literacy skills because believe it or not it doesn’t
come naturally just as you had to learn language literacy reading literacy in
school so to we have to develop of visual literacy skills i really hope you enjoyed this waitress
me as you continue to learn about act together

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