#VlogNYCC : Unboxing the prints!

Welcome to the third vlog of the preparation
of the NYCC! On this vlog, I’ll film an unboxing of my prints! Recently, I did drawings based on characters from Marvel and DC comics. Like Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy), I post the video on this channel. And like Peter Parker (Spiderman), I’ll post the video later! For the convention, I only choose 4 designs. Faith (Valiant Comics) Catwoman (DC Comics) Squirrel Girl (Marvel Comics) And finally, Ms Marvel / Kamala Khan (Marvel Comics)! I’m really the prints are beautiful! I went to a shop in the center. I hope, you’ll like it too! Of course, if I have prints after NYCC, I’ll open a shop, and put the link down below! I hope, you liked this short video! (sorry)
And I’ll see you in the next video

local_offerevent_note September 26, 2019

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