War of Underworld Opening 1 EXPLAINED! | Sword Art Online Alicization | Gamerturk Anime

War of Underworld Opening 1 EXPLAINED! | Sword Art Online Alicization | Gamerturk Anime

This video is brought to you by Fanatio who
woke up on her bed while Daddy Bercouli was already busy planning for the War of Underworld! War is upon us! Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 25, marks
the beginning of the War of Underworld sub-arc of the series! And a new cour means a brand new Opening! With Haruka Tomatsu, Asuna’s Voice Actor singing
Resolution, Alice’s journey begins, and so does Alicization Explained! Welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk, your
most reliable source of Sword Art Online information with Sword Art Online Alicization Explained,
War of Underworld Opening Special! Episode 1 Explained will arrive tomorrow and
you should hit the subscribe and bell icons to make sure you are notified once its up,
as my Opening Explain takes precedence, but as always, timestamps to individual scenes
in the Opening are in the description and pinned comment for easy navigation if you
are looking for the meaning of various scenes, but to give you a quick rundown… Uhmmm… This Opening is a bit too spoilery, so consider
this your spoiler warning. It’s very likely that they will have another
Opening for the final cour, but the contents of this Opening is already reaching far into
the final cour. And naturally, explaining the scenes will
come with the side effect of actually providing context to those scenes. So if you do not want spoilers, you have to
leave now. But if you are new to my Explained Series,
what I do here is essentially provide you all the vital information on Characters, Events,
Action, Lore from the source material, Light Novels, things that the anime did not convey
properly or just did not have the time to, so you can still see the full picture, or
specifically the Opening Specials, I pretty much go in depth with the meaning of the scenes
featured! But then again, if you want to read the books
yourself for the amazing experience, Amazon and Book Depository affiliate links are in
the description and the knowledge of Stacia awaits you there! We got the spoiler warning covered, introduction
to Alicization Explained done, so, let’s go through the Opening, one by one! I absolutely love the beginning of this Opening,
it’s basically a trip down the memory lane, every major character from the past appearing
on the screen and disappearing into the void, highlighting Kirito’s mental state obviously
with him having his entire Fluctlight fried and not being able to recognize anything. For more details on what happened to Kirito,
you can check my video by clicking the top right, but the people disappearing from his
mind is obviously Asuna, as the Anime failed to depict properly at the end of Episode 24
before the break, followed by Yui, Silica and Lisbeth. Klein shows up and in fact, Agil is right
next to him over there, you can see his axe, but he is blocked by Leafa’s body, with Sinon
next to her. Kayaba/Heathcliff follows them, Yuuki shows
up, Eiji and the Diva YUNA show up from Ordinal Scale. I would have preferred having Nautilus, Eiji’s
Aincrad avatar and Yuuna the actual person show up here, but I guess Edgy and idol YUNA
is more marketable, but also another reason I’ll mention in a second, so do keep following
me as we follow the characters. Quinella, Cardinal, Alice and eventually Eugeo
show up, the entire sequence ending with the Black Swordsman Kirito fading into black as
well. If you look inside Kirito’s eye, you can also
see the Dual Wheeler Kirito right there. Now as I said, all these characters are disappearing
into the void symbolizing Kirito’s mind going absolutely void, however and it is a big however
because that is the breathing space that let’s me put up another spoiler warning for something
towards the end of War of Underworld, aside from YUNA and Eiji who had not yet existed
when Alicization was being written, everybody here are very closely tied to the plot, to
Kirito waking up and to defeat our antagonist of the arc. With that in mind, I do have strong belief
that YUNA and Eiji will be incorporated in those moments as well as part of the anime. But again, going back, all of these disappearing
is an overarching theme with the visual that follows the title card. Alicization Invading is the title of Volume
15 of Sword Art Online Light Novels, it is the beginning of the War of Underworld sub
arc that also spans Volume 16 Alicization Exploding, Volume 17 Alicization Awakening
and not the kind of Awakening you may be expecting, and Volume 18 Alicization Lasting. Now, the wishful fan in me says that the title
card text will be changed in Episode 7 into Alicization Exploding, but we all know how
that assumption fell apart back in the first half as A1 can’t be bothered to change the
text file in the Opening and hit the render button again. Either way, Cour 4 will certainly start with
Alicization Awakening and I am more or less sure they will change the text for the final
books content into Lasting, similar to how they changed Rising into Uniting back in the
first half. But going back to the initial topic after
this second major tangent, all of the images disappearing into the void highlighting Kirito’s
mind going blank, a single spark brighter than anything lights up its surroundings,
or at least starts affecting Kirito’s brain circuits to a certain extent and that someone
is Asuna herself, as the Goddess of Creation, Stacia! I really love Asuna’s animation here, it really
feels incredibly alive, compared to the animation we got in the first episode. But we return to the hut just outside of Rulid,
where Alice and Kirito are staying, because Alice’s dad, the village elder Gasfut Zuberg
did not allow her into the town. Selka is just being a cinnamon bun here, being
Alice’s only friend in Rulid. But a very cool detail here is that the breakfast
Alice is cooking, is smoking and Alice is caughing while cooking it. I’m genuinely amazed that they added this
detail. It’s obviously a reference that Alice Synthesis
30 is not very skilled at cooking, but it is not entirely her fault. If you read the Light Novels or watched my
Alicization Explained for Human Realm Arc Episode 1, you know that the vessel she is
possessing, Alice Zuberg, was never skilled in food matters in the first place. So much so that whenever she gets help by
others to prepare lunch for Kirito and Eugeo, the kids always knew when she had help preparing
it, because it would taste so much better. Meanwhile Kirito is on his wheelchair next
to the window, as a blue bird arrives on the tree next to the hut. The blue bird is not a direct reference, however
it means happiness and sadness at the same time. And we will see this same bird later in the
Opening once again, where I will elaborate on same more abstract possibilities. This is followed up by the Human Realm Army,
as Deusolbert is training the new recruits in preparation of the War, while the green
haired cutieboy here is Renly Synthesis 27. He is one of the two new Integrity Knights
you will meet soon who has a major self confidence issue. He does however have a very unique divine
weapon that will allow for a quite diverse combat compared to what you are used to in
the series. Also, you may not have realized, but those
army dudes in the opening are actually CGI. It’s very well implemented CGI though, unless
you go frame by frame, check their shadows and similarities with each other, you dont
really realize it. Then we cut to the dragon stables, because
who needs horses when you have dragons. We see the twins, Fizel and Linel who are
a big part of the War effort as well, and it should showcase how desperate Human Army
is to officially enroll the due into their trust chambers, something they had not done
before. Eldrie is tending to Takiguri, Amayori’s brother,
but the key visual in this scene is not Eldrie, nor the twins. Look at the background and you will see another
female Integrity Knight, a slender one, with a thin line of hair behind her. It’s not Fanatio, it is not Alice, so who
can it beeeee? Okay, it’s stupid to ask rhetorical questions
in an explained, that in the back is Sheyta the Silent, an Integrity Knight that all the
other Integrity Knights are frightened by. Because out of the 32 Integrity Knights, there
were only a rare bunch that were still functioning, as Eugeo was dead and the remaining Knights
were in maintenance that nobody aside from Quinella and Chudelkin know how to properly
finish their maintenance and wake them up, much like Fizel and Linel that nobody trusts
and Renly that nobody trusts, Sheyta the Silent that nobody trusts was brought on board by
Bercouli as well, him being the only person who really has faith in these individuals. Surprisingly, neither Sheyta nor Renly has
any faith in themselves to begin with, which will lead into their stories as well. They are really great characters that I am
looking forward to see. Moving forward, we are in a room with Fanatio
waking up naked. And before you think this is just random fanservice,
let me say that it isn’t, it is a very deliberate shot and again, one of those spoilers that
reach further than what this Opening is supposed to cover. Look around in the room. Yes, it’s Fanatio there, but back there, you
can see Bercouli’s Time Splitting Sword and right next to Fanatio, you can see Bercouli’s
kimono. This was actually teased all the way back
in Episode 15 when Kirito and Fanatio were fighting, how Fanatio was trying to impress
someone that you hadn’t met yet at that point, but this is where it led during the 6 months
since the battle of the Central Cathedral and there will be more on this towards the
final cour! But of course, Fanatio is looking around for
Bercouli, while Bercouli is busy inspecting the same mural we have seen in multiple instances,
the first opening, Episode 10 and more, the depiction of Underworld’s creation and the
banishment of God of Darkness Vecta, by the Goddesses Stacia, Solus and Terraria. Bercouli, in his, I dont want to say infinite,
but he is a goddamn observant and perceptive person, he is aware of certain realities of
Underworld. So, you can expect him to deduce certain meanings
if he were to actually meet a god of Underworld. But he is also aware of the rising darkness
emaneting from the Dark Territory and turns his attention to the clocking time bomb, the
location of the stress test, the Eastern Gate separating Dark Territory and the Human Empire
where the war will break out! And we also see 4 different races, from left
to right, it’s the Giants, followed by the Ogres with the beast faces, the Porcs so Orcs
with Pig faces and the Goblins. But from the Eastern Gate, we return to the
Village of Rulid that is engulfed by flames and we cut to the Dark Territory Generals. You can check my War of Underworld Trailer
2 Explained for a more detailed introduction to the Generals, but going one by one, right
side Rengil Gila Scobo of the Merchants Guild, on the left Fu Za of the Assassins Guild. Behind Fu Za comes Sigurosig of the Giants
and on the right, top is Shibori of the brute Flatland Goblins and bottom Kosogi of the
tactical Mountain Goblins. Following them, on the left, Furgr of the
beast headed Ogres and on the right… On the right is just a random Porc, that it
not the leader of the Pig Headed Orcs and I have no clue why they did such a thing,
considering Lilpilin is a major player in the fate of the war, much more than the likes
of Rengil or Furgr for that matter. But behind them, on the right we got Iskahn,
the 10th Champion of the Pugilists Guild, aka the Punchy bois, and on the left, Dee
Eye Ell (D.I.L.) the Chancellor of the Dark Mages Guild. Behind them all, the looming presence and
determination of Vixur Ul Shasta. Let me put some opinions in, he is by far
my favorite character in the entire Alicization Arc. Unlike the other generals of the Dark Territory,
who just want to “Take by force”, Vixur wants whatever is best for the people of the Dark
Territory, regardless of their class or power differences and sees a huge opportunity in
a power vaccuum… Until that vaccuum is filled by a higher power
however, the looming presence on top of him, Gabriel Miller, the God of Darkness, Emperor
Vecta himself. You see him swallowing the King. This is obviously not a literal scene, it’s
a metaphorical one. For starters, the easiest interpretation to
make, is that Gabriel puts no value in his army, not his “pawns” that are the 50 thousand
troops, nor his Generals that are symbolized by the King piece, not because he sees the
Artificial Fluctlights inferior, but also because he has a bigger army planned to change
the course of the war. Secondly and more notably, Gabriel Miller
is known as Subtilizer, the one who devours souls. The king is the piece you need to conquer
to win a game of chess. For Gabriel Miller to win, he needs to have
Alice, so the King here symbolizes Alice herself and the reason it glows of course, is because
it’s a metaphor for Alice’s Fluctlight. And not shockingly, it’s not actually Gabriel
Miller eating up the King here, it’s Subtilizer devouring the soul of Alice. And again, back to the Fluctlight and Lightcube
aspect of things where Artificial Fluctlights are stored, you can see his “devouring” in
effect as Lightcubes are simply destroyed by his actions. We cut back to Kikuoka being chill about all
of this, or at the very least keeping his calm, thinking it’s all out of his hands once
the lockdown is secured, but he is gravely mistaken and certainly will have unexpected
things to worry about. But then, the screen glitches and Kayaba appears
on the screen. Now, while the Aincrad visual in the back
is mostly fanservice or a glaring hint for people who can’t figure out that this is Kayaba,
but Kayaba himself is here not for fanservice, but due to his relevance to the plot. I will not say how relevant he will be, because
that is Cour 4 spoilers and his relevance is not directly depicted but rather hinted
at, unlike some other scenes that are coming in a bit. All you need to know at this point is that
Kayaba, as you have seen in Fairy Dance and Ordinal Scale, is still around. His Virtual Echo at the very least, through
the publication of the Seed. And Underworld is built via the Seed. You can see where things are going and this
was even hinted at back in Human Realm Episode 6 as Rinko had heard the voice of Kayaba. Kayaba is still around and is observing things
happening on the Ocean Turtle and you should look forward to his appearence, just… Not in the next 12 episodes. We see Nurse Aki checking up on Kirito and
Asuna watching from the distance and running out of patience. She takes her hands off of the window, which
you can see the ring from Ordinal Scale on because I must mention it, otherwise Valgraaf
from SAO Wikia will be mad at me, and she decides to take matters into her own hands,
returning to the main room. We see the Team Dickhead, consisting of Gabriel
Miller aka Subtilizer in the front, Vassago Casals on his right, also knows as PoH, the
leader of Laughing Coffin, Critter to his left, the IT responsible of the mercenary
force and unnamed irrelevant people, the bald dude and the moustache dude. There are very minor known names from the
team, but it is impossible to match them to a visual, so I wont go ahead and assume things,
mainly because none of those 2 actually look like what I would expect from a “Hans”. Following the Team Dickhead, we turn around
the entire Lightcube Cluster where all Lightcubes are clustered together into one central Data
Center. We see Rinko and Higa working hard, which
at best is representative of Volume 16 ending, so Episode 12, or much more likely, what they
are doing during Volume 17 and 18 to counter Gabriel’s real plans, which I will not elaborate
on in this video. As I said, unless it is a direct depiction
of spoilers, I don’t want to provide spoilers beyond this cour. But when the spoilers are clearly depicted
like in the next scene, with the entire character cast flying to a different location, it’s
a cool visual, but goddamn, that is major Volume 17 spoilers right there, so again,
this is a major warning for you, but if you are here despite the multiple warnings prior,
let’s go. Obviously, Asuna will not enter in her ALO
outfit, she will be logging in with the Goddess of Creation Superaccount known as Stacia as
you have seen at the beginning of this Opening. To give you a little bit more, Leafa and Sinon
won’t be appearing in their ALO outfits either and the Anime has already teased there appearences
so much back in the first half to begin with, even with correct colors, despite the Supperaccounts
dont really have color codings on their own. But yes, the rest of the cast, and a whole
lot more, will appear in their ALO outfits or the outfits from their respective Seed
based games. Remember, Underworld is built via the Seed
that has a Character Conversion feature installed by default. It is running on the same infrastructure as
any other Seed based game on a surface level, with the only difference being the Fluctlight
Acceleration feature that requires an STL to use. But if you return the FLA back to 1, so real
life speed, there is no difference between Underworld, ALO, GGO, Asuka Empire and more
and thus the world can easily be accessed via an AmuSphere, if a public login were to
exist. And obviously, this is what’s happening here,
as a response to Gabriel’s actual plan to fight his own war. But then we reach the climax of the Opening,
very similar to Yui in the Aincrad Opening, we see Alice curled up, desperate and lost
with no hope or direction, while Gabriel aims to capture her. I’m really glad they depicted it this way,
it just puts more emphasis on the fact that how lost Alice feels and that being the reason
why she is desperately trying to wake Kirito up from his slumber for some hope and answers,
rather than a romantic reason that clickbait Youtubers may want you to think. But in the end, it is of course, both Kirito
and Eugeo giving Alice the push to find her own meaning in this world. On top of that, it also mirrors Alice’s sentiment
that you heard in the trailer and will see in the second episode, when she says she will
fight to protect the world that Kirito and Eugeo fought to save. That is her initial push towards revelation,
beautifully portrayed with a literal push by the duo. But that brings us to the scene of the War. While Alice won’t be an active part of the
War like the Opening depicts here, the other scenes are quite accurate. Deusolbert using his Conflagration Bow to
decimate enemies, Eldrie clashing with some Goblins, but I need to mention, his clash
with Dee Eye Ell of the Dark Mages Guild, is a much more metaphorical one, that highlights
the climax of his character arc, one of the grandest moments that shapes the wars direction. We cut to Furgr who will have a different
target during the fight, as Fanatio, which is taken straight from the Light Novel illustration,
aiming towards the Chief of the Giants, Sigurosig, which will lead to a major massacre in a way
that you won’t be expecting and a warrior will fight for her heart to her final breath. What we get afterwards, is a scene that I
hope Anime will have an Anime Original Sequence. This scene is a flashback moment from Vixur
Ul Shasta’s perspective, a time after the passing of his mentor, against the commander
of the unkillable Integrity Knights, Bercouli Synthesis One. The fight portrayed in the Novels is a very
short one, and is more of a dialogue of mutual respect, rather than a fight. I would love to see the anime expanding on
the scene by making them fight a bit longer and share their respects during the fight. Shasta is one of those characters that I definitely
see much more of. But it cuts to a scene of massacre, with Alice
on top of all the bodies of the casualties, not just the Dark Territory but from both
sides and she is the one responsible for the massacre. While there is no blood involved in this massacre,
you see Alice covered in metaphorical blood, including blood on her hands, which is the
most literal depiction of the term. War is brutal and both sides learn how brutal
it is, including Alice who had to cause this destruction to save her own people. In her mind, people who have all lost a great
deal due to this war flash up. Ronye and Tiese who lost Eugeo and Kirito
respectively, the Princess of the Porcs can be seen, someone who has no relation to Alice,
but a major showcase loss for the Porc leader, Lilpilin. And last but not least, Night Sky Sword, and
rather much more in focus, the Blue Rose Sword imbued with the soul of Eugeo who has lost
himself and his childhood friend to walk in the righteous path. And Kirito who lost his mind in the same righteous
journey that helps Alice stand up again for what is right. The eye-patch flies off from her hand, leaving
a key in her hand with the petals on it representing her. As the previous trailers have stated, Alice
is the key to everything. With Alice having stood up, walking deeper
into the Dark Territory, we cut to a reflection on Kirito’s eye, of a peaceful moment, where
Alice is tending to the Osmanthus Tree, the true nature of her sword under Perfect Weapon
Control, with both Night Sky Sword and Blue Rose Sword struck to the ground in a cross,
with our blue bird backstanding on the Night Sky Sword’s handle and carefully watching
Kirito, which is the best time to interpret the Blue Bird visual. In Japanese culture, which I am aware of thanks
to our lovely Taka from SAO Wikia, blue bird signifies a bittersweet happy end. Not surprisingly, the theme fits every corner
of the Alicization Arc, where characters do get their happy end, enduring the biggest
pains imaginable for them. It’s one of those stories that causes characters
to question if it was worth it in the first place, having endured all of that for their
happy ideal. From a less abstract and emotional perspective
however, the bird simply symbolizes Eugeo. While his Fluctlight is completely erased,
thanks to his fusion with the Blue Rose Sword, he is technically part of the “Swords Memory”
that you would recognize from the Academy stories that the anime has skipped. You can check my Episode 7-10 Explained videos
for more information, but an object like a Sword comes with a past that dictates its
powers. So not a proper memory and consciousness that
humans or Artificial Fluctlights have, but a certain past that is saved on the object
that defines its capabilities. And now that Eugeo had fused with the Blue
Rose Sword, he is part of the Swords memory as well, and you can think of it like an echo
of him lingers inside the sword, watching over those he cared about. And thus, the Blue Bird can also be interpreted
as a proxy depiction of Eugeo’s echo, watching over Kirito, here in the reflection, as well
as back in the log cabin outside of Rulid. Of course, both these are abstract interpretations
of a symbol, so you are free to choose whichever one you want to go with, but I see no issue
in both interpretations being intended by the animators! But that brings us to the end of this Opening
Explained! Now if you made it this far, I want you to
let me know by commenting “Time for Alicization Invading!” down in the comments! Remember, War of Underworld Explained for
Episode 1 will be arriving soon, along with Fate Grand Opinions for FGO Episode 2, so
don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon for all that! Weekly Alicization Q&A will continue later
this week as Weekly War of Underworld Q&A where I’ll be answering your questions, so
stay tuned for that! Links to all Sword Art Online Light Novels,
Manga and Games are in the description and you can also check out my channel merch if
anything interests you there! As always though, thank you very much for
watching and a huge thanks to my Patrons and Channel Members! I’ll see you next time, until then, Stay Cool~

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    I'm looking forward to see episode 1 explained, though i have already read the light novel 😀

  • But why would a Laughing Coffin member join the attack on Ocean Turtle anyway? Let's just say they just want to make sure Kirito dies for good.

  • Sorry Tomatsu, but Kayano has already made Alice superior to Asuna. I don't think that with a opening she will be more popular (Unless it is Japan, because for some reason, she is too popular)

  • Gamerturk: War Is Upon Us!!!

    Yeah we Know war is upon us because we all just can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  • Finally i can see Asuna again, i miss her so much. I can't wait any longer to see Asuna meet with her lover Kirito, she will cry of loud if she see Kirito have bad conditions, but that's because all feelings and love she has for Kirito.
    Long live Kirito Asuna fans in here, Kirito x Asuna forever ❤❤

  • Do you think people who don't read light novels will think Alice's father is too strict and has poor love for their daughters?

  • I really don't understand why they would tease so much stuff that isn't even going to happen in this cour. Like 50% of this opening is just stuff from the 17th and 18th volumes, which we won't see adapted before Spring 2020 lol. I mean, I get why they are doing a split cour, seeing as the official translations of volume 17 and 18 aren't even out yet lol, but still tho: such a tease for stuff that "official-only" light novel readers haven't even seen yet lmao.

  • Hey Gamerturk is it true that War of Underworld would be split into 2 parts with each part being about 11 for the first part and 12 for the second and the second part being released in April next year?

  • I need help finding where can watch all of SAO at Dub version I thought I was caught up but have no clue what this new stuff is withaliceand etc

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