Wendy Orr and the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards

Wendy Orr and the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards

In about 2010, I was in a tai chi class
and in that kind of half meditative state, I saw the shapeless story, this
is really weird but it’s it’s true, floating in this iridescent beautiful
blue bubble, and it brought tears to my eyes and I thought – yes – I don’t know
exactly what I mean by the shape of the story but it was a feeling. And the next
day I saw a dragon fly the exact same colour blue and I thought, that’s an omen
I’m on the right track. And it seemed that every time I made a major decision
about the story, I saw dragon flying within 24 hours. At
some point during it I started putting dragonflies into the story because I
thought they obviously have to be there, and then I thought – her name means
dragonfly. And this takes a bit of self-talk because I get so involved in
the story I forget that it’s not true, and I had to kind of step back and say –
Wendy, you’re the boss. You made up the island therefore you made up the
language. Nobody knows, you can say that Aissa means dragonfly in this unknown
language on an island you made up. So, once I’d done that it became clear and
the day that I sent the last draft, I went out and laid down on the lawn, and
I opened my eyes and I looked up and there was this cloud of dragonflies hovering over
me. I’ve never seen that before or since.

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