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  • I’ve used soft pastels once before in my art class. I didn’t necessarily hate them, since it gave my artwork a certain soft texture that I could never find with my prismacolor pencils, but they were definitely frustrating to use.
    I was told to sketch my design (referencing a wolf’s head) using the lightest stick I had, a soft peach tone (the same light one you had). That way, if I needed to, I could go over with darker colors or blend it into nothingness.
    I did have to use my finger, which was rather annoying as my teacher supplied some paper that had a lot of tooth, but in the end, it worked out pretty well!

  • I just realized I have the pencil my lead break all the time I don’t know if it’s just me buuuuuuuut it’s definitely not unbearable

  • I started using this medium at about 7 years old. I learned quickly that they are best for what you would do in watercolor and more so for scenic areas and done like Monet's late in his career, as in when he was going blind. I tried using them for a cartoon I made but they were so difficult to control for that and illustrative. I also found setting spray to be invaluable. Watch how the doll remake videos use them!

  • This is the first time I heard of artsnacks, so thanks for sharing! Loads of companies are now doing subscriptions like scrapbooking kits, and now art kits. But for $34 international, or $24 USA, it doesn't feel entirely worth it, as you might as well head down to your local stationary store!

    I prefer when kits actually show what you will be getting that month, or you can choose a past monthly kit, if it isn't sold out. Not knowing what you're getting and then ending up with pastels is like meh! <Disappointment> But you still did pretty well, even though you were getting messy scratching away at the paper, lol!

  • I feel your pain. I hate both soft and oil pastels and my art professor has been making us use them a lot lately and I am triggered

  • My pastels won't have any coverage abd evrn rub off. Just the black covers everything buz nothing will actually stick to the paper and i can't create any dimensions with them..

  • Dont use your fingers cause the greasy on your fingers doesn't help in the long run. Use a paper towel rolled up to a point.

  • Oh my God! Both are so beautiful! I just love how the colors come out on the second one and I really like how the first one looks kinda dirty and smudgy and I think it has personality. The second one looks perfect and beautiful but the first one looks so interesting and special because it isn't perfect.
    I don't know if anyone knows what I mean but ok… 😀

  • Rin: it looks orange like a political leader
    Me wonders who 7 months later watches it again
    Me: 😉 the president hehe

  • U didn’t actually break the lead, it just shot back in. I saw a review of the pencil

  • I hate pastels because they make my finger all burning and hurting with the pain of having to press and rub the paper. It sounds and feels like nails on a chalkboard.

  • For future reference: rub the soft pastels on sandpaper and pick up the pigment with a dry brush. It makes it so much more opaque 🙂

  • the sound they make is likes nails down a chalkboard for me, don't think i could ever work with them lol

  • :0 IMMA GO MAKE SOME WAFFLES WHILE THINKING ABOUT HOW MUCH THE ART GODS LOVE YOU! Your artwork turned out so beautiful. The first try was better in my opinion. I think the first one turned out better because you didn’t make the skin tone very bright, as for the second one, the skin was brighter and more orangey. (ik the pastel set was an orange set lol)

  • I am not an artist, but I love your channel and have been binge watching it for a while. I see you are usually at a loss with soft pastels. I was wondering grating these and using a brush or a sponge to deliver the pigment could be a cleaner, more controlled and more enjoyable experience? I can imagine if grated (like on a piece of sandpaper perhaps) these could work a bit like eyeshadows. Thank you for amazing content, Rin. Even when you 'struggle', the end result is beautiful

  • a much easier way to blend pastels is to use a q-tip 🙂 it’s very helpful when coloring backgrounds and it is a lot less messy

  • I love those pencils so much. When it says unbreakable, it means that if you push down from above, the metal part that holds the lead will extend and protect the led

  • i find watching you very relaxing!~
    You should try drawing some chubby characters, I think I haven't seen you draw a single one!

  • I really adore your honesty, I think lots of people would just show the second picture but you really help me in showing that people whose art I really admire can draw "bad" pictures (although it still looks amazing, but just pictures they don't like as much), so thank you <3

  • I've learned that the trick is to slowly build the main image, then to slowly add detail over the top after blending. And anything really works for blending, i'd have a spare blending stick for pastel.

  • Key to pastels, from what I remember from working with pastels back in the day:
    1. Heavily textured paper, such as velour, rough watercolour paper, or specifically made pastel paper.
    2. Mount the paper with masking tape to a board mounted in an easel, and set the easel to a forward position so excess powder drops to the floor (theres a reason it's called pastel "painting").
    3. Work large, 8×10 is really too small for this medium.
    4. Start layering using a very soft touch.
    Hope that helps!

  • You had me dying when you said lookin like a certain political leader 😹😹😹😹😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  • it's because you rubbed out and then applied which adds a layer of rubber and oil on the paper so it doesn't stick

  • At 7 minutes and 26 seconds you are priceless I absolutely absolutely adore youI've been watching your videos a while trying to figure out my idealistic strategy to my abstract art LOL you're awesome thanks for the great content! I can't even with you LMFAO 😂 orange like a certain 🤭🤪🥰🤣😂

  • the different pigments are softer than others (like the brown and black being softer) you have to break it down slightly, that's why you can get pan pastels or powder for a soft blending style. You also want to you a piece of leather cloth, or paper towel to erase along with dabbing of a kneaded eraser. Fingers aren't recommended for blending of the entire piece for the grease, a sponge-like a makeup sponge is best

  • We should all know this by now but, SOME people (a.k.a Waffles) when a pencil box says unbreakable lead, they LIE so we buy them

  • I would def try softer pastels next time. I love pastels and use them all the time but I have 2 big boxes one is soft and ones harder, the harder ones are barely used. I just dont ljke how streaky and difficult they are to use i doubt I tried the brand you have but its definitely worth the experimenting

  • Rin: talks about how she can’t sharpen pencils because it’s never how it goes
    Also Rin: trying to open the mechanical pencil package

  • RinN : maybe that means the good?
    Me: HAH pastels are never good I turned mine into water colored cuz I never used it ( I just wet a brush and put it on the)
    Also haha

  • When using pastels u can use a thick paint brush for blending and maybe a thin one for applying that’s what I do when I use soft pastels but u do have to have a sort of power for the pastels then it will be easier to blend but it depends on the type of pastels u use @drawingwithwaffles

  • Are pastels like charcoal? Because I got to draw with charcoal in art class and it made this super squeaky noise. Then when we were practicing on our paper, my hand was rubbing everywhere. And my paper was so messed up.

  • I personally love chalk pastels, they're my go to. The trick is using a white charcoal pencil to sketch with. And ALWAYS used rough grooved pastel paper. The pastels need some tooth to sit in. Once theyre overworked, they just smear. That was your problem with the cardboard, you saturated what little tooth it had and your darks just smeared on top. Use pastel paper. Lay your highlighfs first and blend them out, then your shadows and blend them out, and use your midtones to fill in the gaps so to speak

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