Why I chose Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (Honours)

Why I chose Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (Honours)

[UTS logo] [Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication,
Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology Sydney] Tim Busuttil>>My name is Tim Busuttil, and
I just finished a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications, with honours, at UTS. [music] [Text. Image. Motion. Space. Interaction.] [are used by -] [are constructed by -] [- visual communication
designers] [are formed by -] [-visual communication designers] [to engage, explore and facilitate – change] [The Bachelor of Visual Communications at
UTS is a 3 year degree followed by an optional 4th year Honours] [Tim Busuttil told us about his expereince
of studying the degree and how 3 years culminated in his final Honours project Adjacent.] Yeah, I ended up being in visual communications
coming out of year 12 art, and I was an illustrator back then, primarily. And what I ended up finding was that I wanted
to use that kind of visual inclination for more problem solving, and applying those skills
in new places. I didn’t know really much at all about Vis
Com. I ended up in it, and here we are, I guess. My project adjacent [Adjacent] is an emergent
[emergent] auditory [auditory] spatio-temporal [spatio-temporal] map [map]. [Map with location co-ordinates] It’s a system which takes in data of the place
and time that it currently is in, or can read from pre-recorded data, and turns it into
audio. So, it’s all coded in a program called Max. My favorite part of Vis Com has definitely
been a couple of the subjects that really stood out for me as formative and important
experiences, in terms of how I work and the kinds of people I want to work with. [There’s a subject in second year called Narrative,
Form, and Time..] where you get to try out a lot of different things. You try coding, you try motion graphics, you
try visual narratives, you do some illustration. And that was a big step for me in finding
coding as the kind of thing that I’m interested in, and the way of working that I’m interested
in. We went to Hong Kong for two weeks. [Hong Kong is one of many Global Studio programs
offered as part of the interdisciplinary Lad subjects undertaken in Third Year. Photos shot by Tim.] The tutors that took us were fantastic. The people I met there were incredible, and
the project we did, in hindsight, is kind of a precursor to the project I’ve done for
honours. So, it was a really cool experience, and it’s
great that everyone gets to do it. I think people come to uni with this kind
of idea, especially in something that’s, in a way, quite vocational, like Visual Communication
is.. [Honours Grad Show 2016, held at the Ambush
Gallery in Central Park.] and they expect to get skills, and learn how
to do things, and make things with their hands, and make things with software. And absolutely, I’ve done that. But I think the most valuable thing I’ve learned
is how to work in a team and how to communicate ideas before they’re ready. I think, when you get out into the big scary
world, everyone knows that skills about software and hand skills can be taught, but being able
to hold your own in a conversation and sort of own your ideas is the most important thing
that I’ve taken away. And the confidence that the staff and students
give you through their support and through their criticism and encouragement is the most
important thing, because skills you can learn anywhere. [music] [Tim has decided to stay on for the Masters
by Research.] [He is looking forward to delving deeper into
the concepts he explored in Adjacent, and finding a new ways to bridge a design practice
with data and code…] [Produced by DAB Marketing Team.] [Special thanks to Tim Busuttil.] [To view the 2016 Honours Final Projects visit:
www.utsvis.com] [Follow us: @UTSDAB] [facebook.com/UTSDAB] [Instagram: @utsdab] [snapchat: utsdab] [www.dat.uts.edu.au] [copyright 2016 University of Technology Sydney]

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