Wuthering Heights – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Wassup, yo? This week on Thug Notes, we gettin ice cold with “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Brontë. So some fool, Lockwood, arrives at Thrushcross Grange, a pimpin manor across the way from another phat crib called Wuthering Heights. After meeting his emo landlord, Heathcliff, Lockwood hits up the maid, Nelly, and asks her to tell him what went down in this hood. Back in the day, the top dawg of Wuthering Heights, Mr. Earnshaw, picked little Heathcliff off da street, and decided to raise him as his own. At first, Earnshaw’s two legit kids, Catherine and Hindley, can’t stand Heathcliff’s freeloadin ass! But soon, Catherine starts to get all sweet on my boy, and they start chillin on the reg. Hindley still got beef, though — ‘specially since Earnshaw favors Heathcliff. When Earnshaw checks out for good, Hindley puts Heathcliff in his place and makes him work like a slave. Unacceptable! Everything’s bumpin til Heathcliff’s biddy meets Edgar from T-cross Grange, who starts cockblocking our boy by layin the mack on Catherine. Since Edgar’s pants saggin from them $100 bills, and Heathcliff broke as sh*t, Catherine decide she gonna marry Edgar, even though she don’t love him. Skank! But Heathcliff be all like, “Naw, f**k this! I’m out,” and chunks deuce outta Wuthering Heights. Years later, Heathcliff comes back
minted like a f**kin balla. Ain’t nobody know where he got dem swole dollas from, but he gonna use it to get back at all dem haters who dun sh*t in his cereal. Heathcliff swindles Hindley and his son Hareton, jacks Wuthering Heights, and treats Hindley like a b*tch til
he dies. Then, he marries Edgar’s sister, Isabella, just to get his hands on T-Grange. After Catherine dies birthin a little baby Cathy, Heathcliff’s wife, Isabella, peaces out to London, where she gives birth to Heathy’s boy, Linton. 10 years later, Baby Cathy still livin in T-Grange, and Heathcliff got his boy, Linton, back. When Linton starts hollerin at Cathy, Heathcliff forces them to marry, so he can get his grubby hands on T- Grange. After Linton dies, Heathcliff got it all and
keeps Cathy under lockdown. After a lot of time and choice words, Cathy warms up to Hindley’s son, Hareton, and they get engaged. But Heathcliff ain’t never gonna see that day, cuz Catherine’s memory haunts Heathcliff so raw that it kills him. Dub Hizzy is a trill example about what happens when a playa’s soul is torn between love and hate. Heathcliff spends the first half of the book tryna hang on to his hunny, Catherine, all while gettin smacked around by Hindley. But once Catherine marries Edgar, Heathcliff feels like he got played and starts sippin that haterade. But Heathcliff ain’t bringin his
vengeance to the streets. To wreck these rich haters, Heathcliff gotta beat them at they own game. He gets the jump on Hindley by stackin grands and swiping his hood; then, he uses his own wife and kids to get more green. And so for Heathcliff, his wife and kids are just another commodity to trade. But it ain’t enough to just burn all his back-when brothas, he also gotta mess with da new kids on the block. And the next generation always ends up mirroring the last. Just like Heathcliff caught beatdowns from Hindley left and right, Heathcliff wrecks Hareton 24/7. But no matter how lost Heathcliff gets lookin for vengeance, he’ll always be haunted by the woman he loves. In fact, he got exactly what he wanted: “Catherine Earnshaw, may you not rest as long as I am living; you said I killed you — haunt me, then! … Be with me always — take any form — drive me mad! Only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you!” Peep this symbol, son. Catherine’s
love can go one of two ways. Wuthering Heights is surrounded by
a whole bunch of nature and crazy weather, representin the hard core passion of Catherine’s love for Heathy. T-Grange, on the other hand, is all clean and sheltered, which reppin the easy livin of Catherine’s marriage to the hood-rich Edgar. When Catherine makes her choice, so does Heathcliff — revenge. And while love don’t conquer all in no simple way, it eventually wins out. Heathcliff drops his venemous revenge after seeing Hareton and Cathy gettin fresh, cuz they be reminding him of Catherine. And since he reclaims his humanity
by dropping his vengeful grind, H-Dog’s departed soul can finally join the ghost of Catherine that’s been hauntin him for so long. When Nelly peeps a scared boy
crying and asks him what’s wrong, he say, “There’s Heathcliff and a woman yonder, under t’nab,’… I darnut pass ‘em.” Thanks for tunin in, my well-read
thugs! Stay smart, and stay in school! Peace!

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