You can’t sing? I know you can and here’s how! | #DrDan 🎤

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  • Yes, everyone has the ability to sing, but some of us should not be encouraged to do so. William Hung should not be allowed to "She bang She bang." Can he "She bang She bang"? But should he "She bang She bang"? No! My Dad literally will be the first to tell you, if you meet him, that he should not be allowed to sing. He can make a joyful noise, but even he doesn't want to hear it, so he CAN sing (meaning his larynx has the ability to make a sound) but he can't sing well. Like I said, he would not disagree with me

  • I practiced with your both voice essential CDs for 4 months now and its rewarding :). I practice 3 times a week (both full CDs and plus 3 additional vids) after the sessions i head over to my karaoke playlist and sing what i want to!… i may even buy the courses later on.

    thank you so much, youre very motivational

  • Greetings Dr Dan! Fabulous video choc a bloc with info, indepth and encouraging, thank-you again😊
    I could have stopped at ~1:00, (the short answer! )
    Absolutely fascinated by the concept of amusia…thanks for your caveat…so I dove in a bit further.
    Affecting 4% of the general population according to my reading!!
    Found two interesting items for perusal. The latter is barely a week young, from classic FM(UK)
    I strongly suspect mist of us viewing you here can process pitch and want to make more of it..your take home message is true:
    What are we waiting for!!
    Best wishes,

  • I love the challenge of trying to sing a difficult song. That's part of the rewards. I believe a good singer is a dime a dozen. But getting to great? Now that's a whole other animal. It's highly unlikely you will get there entirely on your own.

  • Anyone can learn to sing, dance, draw, run, play any instrument–the only thing stopping you is you.

    And yes, even you, Dr. Dan, can be an Olympic athlete ^_^ What it comes down is to mentality and desire, and I have tried to explain this to so many people. If you want something, you CAN accomplish it. The road may be harder than others, but it can be accomplished if the determination, patience and effort (oh and motivation, of course 🙂 ) are there.

    And there is no "he shouldn't" or "she shouldn't". What it comes down to is learning proper technique and practice. Many of us shouldn't do a lot of things—until we LEARN how to. You really shouldn't change the oil in your car if you don't know how to, or install a shelf, or cook–unless you know how to safely do so and how to do so properly. And there are tons of places to learn those skills. Singing, art, and any creative effort is the same way. Any physical effort, too.

    I love this saying: whether you think you can or can't, you are right. It is all in your mind. I once told someone that I could totally be a pilot if I wanted to-and they countered with "well, why don't you." My answer was honest: I don't want to. That's it. My choice is to not pursue that study. If I choose to do it, I will succeed in it eventually and I have no doubt of that. I used to think I sucked at math and numbers–I refused to do anything like Sudoku- and strategy? No freaking way. Then I sat down and learned it. I blew my own husband away with my progress and accomplishments in learning this. I am re-learning my physical limitations with my doctor and teaching myself how to properly exercise without destroying my heart rate, etc. It is all about learning, practicing, and persistence.

    Seriously. You are the only thing holding you back. If you have nay-sayers in your ranks, or people who don't support you and your efforts, then you need to filter their words and attitude out and focus on the ones that do support you.

  • I have done all the vocal exercises you taught me from you tube and I can see a little improve in my singing. I'm 16 and from India.
    Thank you so much Dr Dan
    God bless you 🙏🇮🇳

  • I have had numerous students who were told to lip sync because they couldn't sing in tune. That is Italy. Some went on to win competitions. And all of them sang beautifully in public after studying the techniques. So I am in TOTAL agreement with you! And your analogies and explanations will come in handy.

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  • Im 53 and a bucket list thing for years has been to sing Sinatra songs well. Help me get there. Let me know where to start, Im fine with costs and whatever it takes

  • Wow your videos are amazing . I really enjoy and it's so informational. I'm a 14 year old girl and I'm really frustrated because I've heard my voice sound good yet my voice is very inconsistent. Also I'm very interested in vocal health

  • Hey from your video on finding your voice type. Im fourteen and my range is from D1 – C#6. My Prima voce is from E1- C5

  • Can anyone sing amazingly though? Is it possible to learn how to sing incredibly like we can hear other amazing people doing? Singing ok is one thing, but singing mind blowingly amazing is another, and I sure with I could do that haha

  • I was a good singer untill I had a horse accident and it hurts my stomach. I like singing to my horses. I have to learn all over again. I might be too old. 40ish. I've been listening you your videos for about 2 hours. I think I can try again. Thank you. Great information, teaching, and delivery. I like your personality and approach.

  • Amazing vid. I just want to sing in the shower better because it's more cathartic that way! I mean, I just want to sing by myself because it feels good. Thanks for providing great motivation 🙂

  • My point of view is that people think of singing as being on pitch. If you can't stay on pitch, then, you can't sing. But just because you can't run one mile in 4 minutes doesn't mean you can't run.

  • I don’t completely agree it’s you can have a positive mindset. Its more how the information is. Explained to you can effect your understanding, if it intern ends up confusing you. It can in effect can have an impact on your morale.

    Which has happened to me many times it’s taken perseverance and questioning to translate what experts like your self are saying into a simple way I can understand what your actually meaning.

    More importantly when people think they can’t sing it’s not the actual biomechanics it’s more the point of is my Voice tone pleasing to the ear. Which obviously is subjective.

    Hope that helps Dr Dan

  • I overused my voice and I feel a sharp pain in my voice. I'm steaming my voice, drinking water and trying to get enough sleep. Would you recommend going to the doctor?

  • I wanna start singing, I‘m from Europe, where should I start (no singing experience yet adult ansolute beginner, absolute beginner)

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