YouTube Visual Arts- Time to Mobilize in #awesome2012!

99 thoughts on “YouTube Visual Arts- Time to Mobilize in #awesome2012!”

  • @juriaan13 Looking forward Jay! I will do my part. I am committed to this! Thanks for the support, as always. Happy New Year!

  • hey i uploaded a vlog and posted it as a response i dont know if i said the wright stuff i can fix it if you need me to

  • @akumashitsuji0 That is a great resolution! For me, I am going to try to master the paper weight…..I mean the Wacom tablet (which I SUCK at). LOL Happy New Year 🙂

  • @TheAppStop The "right stuff" is how you honestly feel and you said that. It was a great first video response. Thank you for the support!

  • @WhytManga It would be great if you did one Whytmanga. Your name keeps popping up everywhere (comments, search and so many people nominated you for the last contest.

  • @SayianArtist17 Happy New Year SayianArtist17! I hope that you consider doing a V-Log. You have a lot of people who are passionate followers of your channel. I think that this idea will either LIVE or DIE based upon the involvement of people this week. Thank you for the kind comment and Happy new year buddy!

  • NOTE TO EVERYBODY: I PUT THIS VIDEO IN CREATIVE COMMONS. This means that you are FREE to DOWNLOAD IT, REMIX it, do anything that you want with it. Please use it if it is helpful to you in making a VLOG. This idea LIVES or DIES besed upon the reaction this week!

  • @orangemonkey92 Serafin, it would be great if you could do a v-log for this. I put this video in creative commons, so feel free to download it, remix it, do whatever you want with it.

  • Thank you for making something like this 🙂 The Internet has been a great place for visual artists like myself and well, I feel like it's a strong community here even though schools have cut back their art and music programs. I'll like and favorite this video and spread it on my tumblr 🙂 Happy New Year!

  • @loveanime101 Thank you for that loveanime! Thank you for supporting this and I will do my best to see it through!

  • @ariedevine Happy New Years! I should have a Rihanna step by step out today or tomorrow. Thanks for the support! 🙂 Merrill

  • @tjw1963 Right on Teresa. I have been reaching out to some of my friends. We have at least 3 more video responses coming today.

  • Great video man , Im a fairly new artist here on youtube but I agree 100% with this video , let me know if i can help you in anyway…Artists to the top guys.
    ~Josh "InuJosha Art"

  • @TROLLERSDELIGHT I am shy too……I think that I have shown my face in only a handful of videos. But I know that it helps make a point. Anything that you could contribute is EXTREMELY appreciated! Happy New Years TROLLERSDELIGHT!

  • @stuart8965756799 Wasnt that AMAZING!?!?!? Did you see any of the other videos? It was fun curating. I have so many more that I wanted to show!

  • @joshwaddey16 Josh, being new doesnt matter at all. If you feel strongly about this, a video response would be extremely helpful. If I could contact YouTube with 100 video responses and 500 comments in a short period of time, it will be very telling. i feel very strongly about the TALENT that is on YouTube and i'm committed to seeing this through. Nice to meet you!

  • you are completely correct in what you say here, I paint thank you for your video, thumbs up my friend Happy new year : )

  • thumbs up I started my painting channel this year , I paint acrylics on canvas in black and white , nice to meet you and i think it is great what you have said , awesome : )

  • @steviejacko Thank you too steviejacko! We have some big name youtubers who are about to do a V-Log about the category. I just saw the new years video on your channel. Rolf is an awesome character! You have a great way of engaging your audience with your characters (please check out my how to draw a football player…or either of my Bruce Lee videos)……Would you consider doing a V-Log for the Visual Arts category? I am subscribing to your channel.

  • @jackcostevie LOL Jack the painter is also more than welcome to V-Log too!!!! There are so many drawing channels on YT and just a few painting channels. Thank you so much for the support! MK

  • @apocalyptica003 THANK YOU! V-Logs are the best way to make our case because they are searchable and shareable. We truly appreciate the support!

  • @kazanjianm thanks my friend , I would consider doing a vlog but never done a vlog before only painting and funny videos but i will have a go , do i do one and send it as a video response to this vid , cheers : ) Stevie

  • @steviejacko yes, you could put it as a video response to this video and I will put it in to a playlist which I will (attempt to) submit to youtube. Have fun with it. You are great at engaging people. Be yourself and advocate for the VA category! Thanks! MK

  • Im going to write a script just now, this is finally the piece of encouragement I needed to start making videos. All hail our cause!

  • Hey Merrill, GrandStudable put me onto this vid and I'll do all I can top help. I'll post a blog soon

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  • @ShooRaynerDrawing Thanks Shoo, ive heard quite a bit about you. Thank you for contributing! I am looking forward to seeing your V-Log!

  • @GrandStudable Right on! Encouragement and inspiration comes in random ways. Im glad that this sparked you!

  • This is so true… artists just want to get their work seen and liked. I really appreciate the work you're doing to try and basically bring art museums to the internet through youtube. I've been making art for years now and uploading to youtube, but until now I fully realize those videos could have been viewed more.

  • @Peepholecircus There is the "Film and Animation" category but it isnt just animation. That one is probably the closest match for visual artists at this point.

  • @raeart Would you consider doing a V-Log? We need as many top artists such as yourself to speak out about this!

  • @RoosterGirlTZ It is ridiculous at how they are taking them all out. They are stripping the students of the only thing left that makes them unique. Now all they do is study math, language, and science….BORING!!

  • @RoosterGirlTZ I personally lost my job three times as an art teacher. This idea is not about "me" but I can't help but take YouTube's oversight on the visual arts personally! Just being honest!!!! Thank you for the support!!!!! 🙂 -Merrill

  • Thank's for that video! You are totally right! I'm thinking for sooo long "Where is the ART category?"
    But I don't believe, that youtube cares. I wrote them a few times and gave feedback about different things, but NOTHING happens!

  • This is a great idea. I've been trying to find out how to get the arts recognized, and separated from style and make-up.. Rodin would roll in his grave.. lol Thank you for this effort. Just let me know what I can do and how.. I'm a sculptor, not a genius.. I added two videos, one showing the creation of a clay from start to finish, and the other, of it being colored once cast into bronze. These are just part of the 741 videos I've produced. I video mistakes and moments of inspiration.

  • Agreed, good idea. Another thing that concerns me is the lack of enforcement that visual artists have on their copyrighted work. The Moody Blues stole 3 of my images directly from my website and have been using them in their stage show for the past 4 years. I tried to get the FBI to prosecute them for the crime but they apparently only go after people that download movies that belong to Disney.

  • @YOZcreative The deadline is when YouTube makes a Visual Arts category. 🙂 PLEASE contribute and spread the word! Thanks YOZcreative!

  • @FrankeArt It is going to take a large scale team effort to get this done. We need your help FrankeArt! If you get a chance please make a video statement!

  • @kazanjianm Done and posted. Although if you do a search for psychedelic fractals I top the results, I'm with you on this. Thanks

  • I think it is a good idea, but I have my doubts, that anything changes in a good way.
    I'm getting more and more fed up of youtube!
    The new design sucks!! And when I see a channel with the new design, I instantly klick back, cause I can't stand it!
    If things get worse on youtube, I probably delete my channels and that's it for me.

  • I want to support this movement. I have written on the google forums and created a response video. I think that a "visual arts category" would have a great potential and hope that google will recognize it themselves 🙂

  • haha WE NEED IT, WE WANT IT! A VISUAL ARTS CATEGORY! That video by Raeart is still stuck in my head. It is so catchy!

  • Hi I would like to see my videos available to persons wishing to learn painting. I find most of the persons who find and enjoy my site do so after much searching or they arrive there by accident. There are many people wishing for free art tuition who can not find it as there is not a category for visual arts on YouTube.

  • Great! I try to share this video everywhere I can! We always have problem to put our videos in a category! artists anda artlovers are discriminated on youtube! OH! ;D

  • @laurArt1976Arte I added it and THANK YOU for contributing! We just made a lot of progress. Please see my latest video!

  • Artists! I just started a new art channel. Check it out and subscribe. If you are a visual artist let me know so we can network.

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