Zero waste 3D printing

Zero waste 3D printing

(bright upbeat music) There are 100+ 3D printers
at UC Berkeley Producing more than 600 lbs
of plastic waste per year Students Nicole Panditi
and Scott Silva have a solution to recycle that waste,
here on campus They collect the
biodegradable PLA plastic They grind it up
in a blender 20 minutes per load They pour it into a heater adding new PLA plastic
beads to restore quality The mixture is extruded
and respooled Ready to be reused

18 thoughts on “Zero waste 3D printing”

  • how is the accurate is the diameter of the recycled filament / are there any other quality issues
    and i guess this is for the environment only since the price for one of these recyclers is enormous and would need years even with 600lbs per year to pay itself off when considering that one spool of standard brand pla costs arround 25 – 40 usd per kilo link to the recycler used
    not including electricity, the grinder, the spooling mechanism and work hours spent
    when prices on these machines drop id like to get one myself but for now this seems rather expensive

  • Why are you on youtube if the video is basically just text? I would love to know about zero waste printing. But as a dyslexic person i would prefer spoken videos.

  • I would like to see more than only "Koumbaya" video.. so, I've put a "thumbs down".

    I will be curious to see the size accuracy and printing properties Vs a cheap 12$/kg brand new spool.
    Please, make a "Part two" video that show us the printed parts or send few rools to any Youtubers for proper review.

  • Any idea how to make one of these (or a crude one at that) for cheaper and at home? Looks like a great idea but without thousands of dollars is it possible?

  • SOME SOLUTION OF PLASTIC WASTE??? Please watch or look at and send this to other people.

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